Law of the Devil


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A good for nothing, considered to be a waste and an idiot, ended up selling his soul to the devil in exchange for what? Beauty? Power? Wealth? Powers? Overthrowing all the rules this world, let us respect and follow through the Devil’s path…… “I know that one day the world will be trampled under my feet!!”

Law of the Devil average rating 3.9/5 - 320 user ratings
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E Mo Fa Ze
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: c173
This was pretty good at first..but the Novel really is all over the place! Some of the Characters are good! But they hardly get an appearance. Ill have you know this MC is very weak. Its been over 173 chapters and he still hasn't learned anything!

The Author wont make his dam Mind! Is he a Magician? Nope. Is he a Warrior? No skip that. There's to many cheat abilities! The Author is absurd! What the hell do you want him to be then?! The ideas are good but... more>> the script keeps changing too much. Everything is disorganize. No wonder this Novel is extremely short! No wonder its been dropped by Translators several times! It took one year for a 100 dam chapters! I just want to get this Novel over with man.

I almost want to rate this 2 stars. But there's 4 characters in the story that make it worth reading. Sad thing is he doesn't even use the characters properly!


There's a girl name Vivian. She's a freaking amazing character. A million dollar idea! No doubt. She's an adorable little witch girl whose OP. But..the Author is really cruel not utilizing this character properly! She only has little scenes and we see her through more Tragedy then good. The other one was Knight Girl. She showed amazing potential and growth! But after a few chapters she just becomes the "Beauty Girl who attracts everyone" Why stop these characters?! Instead they're only used material for his make Mc look good. Ah there's also Medusa and Ghost girl. Deep backstories but no utilizing their characters!


I really want to cry now. So much disappointments. I can only imagine if this was Polished and rewritten without a Harem or stupid Main Character. Is he good? bad? I don't know! Author keeps changing his personality. He either acts like an genius manipulator or a super dumb

Read at your own risk. It gives a lot of headaches but those 4 characters are interesting. <<less
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greyhud90 rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c220
My Favorite kind of story!

I have high respect for MC who isn't a One-man Army like most Xianxia crap. The MC knows how to use people, Items and opportunities to make his situation better. He may be weak for a very long time but at least he doesn't get strong in 1 chapter and trample everything like a toddler on tantrums. The power up is slow but for each of them it is very amusing to read.

No other words, just read if you're into slow and steady strengthening with amusing... more>> story. <<less
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purpleeee rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
The novel had an interesting start which was realistic and made sense. If you were an ordinary person and was suddenly transported to another world leaving behind your friends and family, how would you react? The mc in this case rejected the world and allowed his family to think of him as a retard and an idiot when in actual fact he’s really smart. The mc has an interesting personality and uses his young age as a way to get out of certain situations and blend in. He’s smart... more>> but when it comes to politics he isn’t the best in that regard.

The plot may slow down a bit when he’s settled in but it always manages to pick up again. From what I’ve read my favourite arc is the frozen forest by far.

As you’ve already guessed from other reviews this does have some parody elements when it comes to the names of characters


gandalf, jack Sparrow, George Bush, David Beckham, Harry Potter etc

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Seregosa rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c200
No... Really... I don't know what to say, this is one of the few novels that I managed to read chapter after chapter only to drop it all in the middle because... I couldn't take it anymore.

First of all, the comedy. I came here for the comedy, some people claimed it was great. In 150+ chapters, I laughed a few times, yes, that's right, I just had a few quick, short laughs over a few days. The author has no sense of humor whatsoever, he believes that ripping off well... more>> known modern day names is really amusing and adds to the comedy. I can say this, I laughed at two occasions and that was when he decided to name his new fleet as "Mcdonalds" and turn the captain into "jack sparrow". It was somewhat interesting, but then it got really stale. He kept on using different names, Fedex, David beckham, Saddam hussein, gargamel, harry potter, George bush, gandalf, that's to name a few. Seriously? No, it's not funny, you can't just add crappy names and believe it to be really funny, some of the worst jokes I've ever seen. We often see the author trying to be funny, like the mice kingdom led by a transformed, cowardly magician or a stammering, naive magician that is actually super powerful, many things could've been amusing, but it was executed so damn poorly that it made me cringe instead.

Now, let's go for the general plot instead. 150+ chapters in, and he's still a weak little bastard. I kept thinking maybe I should drop this, but the author set up flags all the time only to shoot them down ruthlessly. Like, maybe it will get better now and start for real when he captured this magician... no? well, maybe now when he got some gift from the devil... no? How about now when he's unlocked some secret and got a tutor magical being... no? Well, how about now when he's kidnapped by a super magician into the dangerous north? no... I guess not, well maybe now after he befriends this medusa? Oh, still not. Well, maybe it will pick up after he retrieves this inheritance from the super powerful emperor of past? No... Well, it keeps on going like that, he never really gets going with his training or magic, having a really crappy mentality, sometimes he acts like the 14 year old child he is in that world, sometimes he acts like he should, as a 30-40+ year old adult if we combine both his lives, but it keeps on mixing. We never get a good explanation about his progress or what the techniques actually entail, at most we get to know that this thing is based on the stars or this thing was used by this guy and when you do this it feels hot and you have a mantra which automatically leads the energy around the body, but never do we get a real explanation for anything, he just jumped from not being a magician to being a level 3 magician all of a sudden... There's plot holes all over the place. It seems to have turned into some political bullshit story after a while and everything just feels way too forced. The author loves to vary how long his chapters is, sometimes they're shorter than a normal chapter, sometimes they're twice or thrice as long, or more. There's no order or system.

As for descriptions/world building, he is extremely fond of useless and worthless descriptions, spending 50-90% of huge chapters describing small details that will never be useful for the plot or story, completely uninteresting things that is not even remotely related to the overall progress of the story, it's giant info dumps, but we don't even get any good information out of it, it's just trash, like reading a history book. The information can be something like spending 25% of the start of the chapter describing how tall the wall is around the mc, how cool the structure is and then how sunlight shines down on the mc while he stands in the middle of it all... Perhaps we might also get a description in 90% of a whole chapter about how the capital has a white tower, with big walls, with magic cannons that are some type of artifact, how there's a big crystal and some spell formation, how many guards are standing there, who the guards belong to, what the nobles might think about this, who can stay in the tower, what can happen in an emergency... and more, this happens frequently, and it's not limited to descriptions of locations, battles or creatures can be described in the same way. I'm only waiting for the author to start describing what color the underwear of the plebeians on the street are or how this noble fat bloke has hemorrhoids that itch all day or how he lost a front tooth when biting into a chicken leg, that's just about the only thing that's missing.

All in all, 2.5/5 is my grade, it's not unreadable, but it's sure as hell trying to hover at the line between unreadable and readable. If you like political bullshit with a mc as weak as an ant that also never really seems to try getting stronger for real, with no reasonable goal or determination, and also a novel that has a plot moving slower than a handicapped snail, with a lot of unnecessary information, plot holes and no humor(even if it's claimed to be a comedy novel), then this is for you. It's possible to read, but I really recommend you use caution and a 10 meter long stick when touching it, this should be on the back of your reading list for when you have absolutely nothing better to read. I'm usually something of a completionist, I can't stand dropping novels when I start reading them past 10+ chapters, just as I can't stop myself from doing a lot of achievements and unnecessary shit in games(I almost died from trying to loot all the boxes and containers in the witcher 3 and doing all unnecessary side quests), but I had to drop this novel because it was just too horrible, I felt like I got dumber for each chapter I read at the end and I had to question myself if it was really worth the time and effort to read this novel... the answer was no. It's a rare thing, so I'd like to give this author a medal as one of the few people that wrote something so bad yet with so many small points of interests and flags that had me thinking "it might start for real soon" yet never got started that I read around 200 chapters before deciding to drop it... Respect. <<less
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kzwkrain rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: Completed
I've finished the series and I got to say it's worth my time. But I have 3 points that I dislike.

WARNING: Real Spoilers that will spoil many things, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

... more>>

1. Romance: Along the story a rich, single merchant lady will appeared as a potential love interest. This 30 years old lady looks young as she is a half-breed of an elf and human. Thus, many people wanted to marry her but she rejected them all. Throughout the story, the lady showed interest in the protagonist. She confessed to the protagonist earnestly, dared to make a move on the protagonist, and even wanted to eat a pill that will shorten her life span in exchange for a 100% chance of the protagonist to fall in love with her. Yet, what did the protagonist do? He rejected her, over and over again. He has chosen the clumsy dragon female, and her sister instead. I mean, if you're already going for the harem route must as will take in one more right? The lady confessed to you under the moonlight and with the correct atmosphere, didn't he skipped a beat? Wtf man? You cock block is it?

2. Power: During the story he will have a chance to get the previous traveler's power. What did he do? HE REJECTED IT!!! Wtf man? You dumb or what? There's a super op power for you and you rejected it? Served you right for unable to use magic after that.

3. Ending: Wow, I'm very disappointed with this. He came out from a time-distorted portal where he was in it for a few hours while 10 years had past in the real world. He found out that the rich lady's sister that I had mentioned above was forced to get married to the mad king and he killed the mad king. And that's all. The chapter was done like that. It felt rushed... After spending hours upon hours to read 1000+ chapters, with the ending ended like that... I'm disappointed.

Extra: I'm fucking disappointed when he killed the miko, in a terrible way as well. Fuck him. But he has a reason behind it but still, I don't like it.


Oh well, that conclude my rant on this novel. It's so-so but I'd recommend it since the plot is quite thick. Fking plot twist, my brain hurts. <<less
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Weedisdaboss rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: c220 part1
This novel is so good, it does have a smart MC that is reincarnated into a medieval world with magic, using his past life expirience to make money and develop new tec!

People that hate it for the MC using names from his past live, are the crazy ones, if you get send to a medieval world with magic, would you not use names like that for fun??

Also the description at the top is so wrong and false, i don´t know who typed it but nothing is true, he diden´t even... more>> make a deal with the "devil", i hope someone could change that "Description" <<less
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Aternus rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c133 part1

-Soild character develop.
-For the most part no deus ex.
-MC is actually a reincarnated person and not just an excuse for a bad author to use modern earth terms and language or to make a character illogically op.
-MC incorporates past knowledge without become a techonlogy or mary sue
-No creepiness from MC
-There are actual characters smarter and more resourceful then the MC even though the MC is portrayed as intelligent
-MC understands and has limits and has people to fill them, i.e he's not an edison... more>> and a telsa(like so many MC are made out to be) but rather recruits telsaes as an edison(without being a major douche) if you understand that reference
minor pro spoilers

-Nice Kingdom building no one man army crap
-MC becomes full fledged mage so no worries on that
-King Making

-Some silly names
-some translation is pretty poor but the quality picks up

Really its one of the better novels I've read on here if you ignore the silly names. Honestly almost all the negative reviews are because of silly names ruining immersion(i.e his mentor is named gandalf) if you can't handle that then don't read I guess. I got over pretty quick but who knows. <<less
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SorrowSong rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c200
Don't. Just don't.

It started off quite well. The premise was good, the writing was good, the translation was good. Everything was going well until about chapter 150 or so. Then things went into the toilet.

The MC became boring. The supporting cast turned one dimensional. The story moved at a snails pace and became infinitely predictable.
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Triwolf rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: --
The best factor about this novel is

It has the best reincarnated MC ever. At least the MC didn't forget his past life like the most reincarnated MC. Whats the point of being reincarnated if you forget your whole past life or do not use it for your own benefit. At least the author made an amazing MC

The plot was interesting at the beginning, but alas, it was annoying later on, especially when the MC ... more>>

went back to the capital

it was very annoying to the max so i stopped reading it. But i will start reading it again in the future (lets hope i do not forget about this novel in the future :p) <<less
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Flores520 rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c200's weird. It started great, even though I hate novels where the main purpose of the characters is to go back, it's very Japanese, but then the author simply gets out of hand. After meeting with the devil, he gets really crazy specially with the pirate shit. It is not funny to do border plagiarism with well known works. It even destroys the immersion experience. The characters also become very
stoic and boring later on the novel. It is a terrible...just terrible novel in my opinion. If you are... more>> into xianxia and dislike Japanese LN you probably won't like this. If you do like the generic Japanese novels you MIGHT like this, but mabye not. Honestly I found minecraft less of a waste of time than this. <<less
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MondoX rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: c60
Started off pretty well, but then it annoying. I did not mind the slow pace, but the MC has still remained weak, weak enough that I can defeat him. Somehow, he faces stronger opponents and humiliate the MC, it was not funny anymore after the second time. The pop references later in the story also started to get annoying.
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ZhaWarudo rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
Read this a while ago so lemme think...I say the same as in other reviews, great start of a serious novel, then puff some silly girl pops out and ruins everything with bad comedy - around chap 23 when Bagleson stopped translating, maybe he thought this novel went south as well
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clowred rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: --
This novel started absolutely amazing. The MC was interesting and the development was intriguing. But then we see the atheist inside our author that tries so hard to explain how stupid is anyone who believes in god, and the ones to deny his existence are the wise. Dude, its your novel, I get it, but instead of simply insulting your readers, you could have done way better. Next, the naming sense. We have .. lets see, ... more>>

Jack Sparrow, Black Pearl, David Beckham, Saddam Hussein which is a misunderstood good character ( yeah, so subtle ), Harry Potter etc ...

The story doesn't follow any line whatsoever and most of the time he just gets kidnapped. <<less
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Alverost rated it
January 10, 2016
Status: --
At first it was really enjoyable and had lots of potential but when you just continue reading it. It sorts of lose itself, at first it seems very dark and sinister then became a bit lighter in term of the mood. It keep changing throughout the novel which is fine however the author keep bringing in names such as harry potter, George Bush, Jack Sparrow, etc. It was funny at first but when you continue on, its just not that funny anymore.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LazyLuong rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
The novel starts off as any other novels, and it feels like your typical slice-of-life. Once you get to the later arc, it gets serious conspiracy and political, becoming a good read. It's around chapters mid 80s when you start learning about the conspiracy.
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NzmAnhDee rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: c500
I have to say, Douri (MC) is such an interesting character

... more>>

His ability is super cheaty, he was Aragon, the king of the nation, he attained "God's" body- super OP body that makes him indestructible/more stronger than the "gods" in exchange for sacrificing his magic.

His harem is quite weird:
Vivian, Vivian's sister, Medusa, His disciple the princess

Most of them know magic.

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rdawv rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: --
As of Ch.75.

A nice premise, where an ordinary Earthling was reborn into a noble family. Deemed to be a fool due to his silence since birth, the MC was left to his own devices, eventually being exiled to a far off province to avoid spreading his ‘contagion’ to his newly born younger brother. However, several twists of fate meant the MC would find himself being acquainted with powerful magicians and warriors, sending him further and further away…

The early chapters were good, very nice world and atmospheric building, even though the... more>> MC is a little unlikable early on.


His predicament was brought about by his stubborn reticence, causing others to thought of him as a mute retard. We are never really told the reasons for his jaded personality, readers might almost think of him as the most pessimistic crossing-over MC ever for not taking advantage of his rebirth.

Other reviewers have noted their dislike about the name-dropping from pop culture but actually it is interesting to see a MC to use such names as an inside joke which would obviously be foreign in his new world, yet it is something us readers can relate here. However, it is another thing entirely to have native characters actually having names from our world, eg Solskjaer, David Beckham and later, Saddam Hussein (wtf).

Having the MC giving Earth-names is acceptable, the denizens having such names ‘naturally’ is off-putting. It is a minor distinction but I can’t help but feel distracted whenever the name ‘Saddam Hussein’ pops up.

The story veers off to strange paths, I was enjoying the ‘being a minor noble heir’ part when suddenly he was whisked far away, not once but twice. The focus from wealth building suddenly shifted to magic and later on, martial skills made me question the direction of the story. There are many unexplored mysteries and fortuitous connections within the small cast that are continuously being pushed into the back burner, and some characters were built up only to be written away because they don’t fit the current arc.

The translation quality is wild, the early chapters were very good but later on some names/spellings were changed, and again from one translator to another. Someone who reads slowly can easily get confused, someone who binge-read like I am would be irritated.

Decent, have to read more to recommend it. Requires time-investment and patience. <<less
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gokrad rated it
December 31, 2015
Status: 166
This novel is a very good one and fun to read. If you are thinking of giving it a try or not , ignore the bad reviews which people left after reading only the first few chapters and go for it !

The novel picks up and its a very fun one with a lot of elements of magic , beasts and gods, with 2 secret "continents"/zones separating them , one side of humans and another side of beast which includes: elfs,orcs/goblins and Dragons ! That’s right dragons !
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elhessan rated it
November 21, 2016
Status: c243
Despite of the promising beginning, the story has its up and down. While at the beginning the famous names from the real world may make you laugh or surprised, but the author keeps pulling the stunt and it gets boring.

As i said, the story has its own ups and downs, some arcs may be seems boring, some chapters contain many unnecessary rambling, but when it gets back up again, things really became interesting. 3 stars is fair for this novel.
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Aure94100 rated it
March 2, 2016
Status: --
Believe me or not but this novel’s MC makes me think a lot about Rudeus of Mushoku Tensei.

Truthfully, I had dropped the novel in my stand-by list for a long time because I had begun to dislike the slow pace in the arc where Duwei was building his little empire after being exiled by his father. This arc was beginning to smell like an annoying slice of life story. Hopefully, it was only a single arc and when reading it again, it became suddenly less annoying.

This novel is... more>> really well constructed on many points :

– The MC has a well defined personnality. He is not empty and can really be described as crafty, ingenious, smart, cold, and a little evil because he has really a peculiar impression on this world. He is not white at all.

– There exists characters with OP-ness but it’s not our MC. Weirdly, perhaps because he is so out of the world, he can be called OP in some way but this OP-ness isn’t easy to deploy and our MC has a lot of work to do on himself. That makes things more realistic and logic.

– The pace of the story is steady and really adventurous. This two components makes the novel more balanced. And this balance makes the novel more interesting.

I can say that this novel is a very good work. But it’s normal that it won’t please everybody because this novel, nor slow nor fast, has a really progressive pace and he takes time to deploy its bases. In some way, it’s far more mature. As for me, I have a good impression on this novel, even if it’s not my favorite one. <<less
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