Immortal Mortal


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I, a mere mortal, a humble man!

I’m called Mo Wu Ji!

I want immortality!

Immortal Mortal average rating 4.1/5 - 64 user ratings
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Bất Hủ Phàm Nhân
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03/22/17 Qidian International c13c13
03/21/17 Qidian International c12c12
03/20/17 Qidian International c11c11
03/19/17 Qidian International c10c10
03/18/17 Qidian International c9c9
03/17/17 Qidian International c8c8
03/17/17 Qidian International c7c7
03/17/17 Qidian International c6c6
03/17/17 Qidian International c5c5
03/17/17 Qidian International c4c4
03/17/17 Qidian International c3c3
03/17/17 Qidian International c2c2
03/17/17 Qidian International c1c1
02/02/17 Sparrow Translations c7c7
02/01/17 Sparrow Translations c6c6
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New Gregor1422 rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c11
Great story so far! A reincarnation that sounds solid as the author takes the time to flesh out what is happening around the MC and what he was like prior to reincarnation. None of that bullshit where the MC goes "Oh I reincarnated, this father was a genius in his previous life so he will just wipe through all the opposition here! Eat candies level up and pop out super saiyan like power." Nope, MC is actually a mortal who needs special meds to open up his path to immortality.

But... more>> that is only enough to get 3 or maybe 4 stars out of me at best, the real kicker is that the MC decided to create a medicine (since he was a medicine refiner in his previous life) and this medicine has been one of the biggest cornerstones for human history. Especially the World War that was fought, thousands of lives were saved, and it feels good to see a 21st century medicine being brought up in a Wuxia novel. All I gotta say is that the translator is doing a fabulous job and the story is awesome, can't get enough of it lol! Only wish the releases were faster but even so it is more than worth the wait.

Thank you translator for picking up this awesome story!

Cheers! <<less
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