Immortal Mortal


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Here, only those with spiritual roots can cultivate while those with mortal roots are destined to stay mortal.

Mo Wuji only has mortal roots, but will he only remain as a mortal?

Immortal Mortal average rating 3.5/5 - 191 user ratings
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Bất Hủ Phàm Nhân
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New kingtape rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: --
I don't know what the previous reviewer was reading, but the MC in this novel DOES offend everyone. He literally never knows when to stop, even to people who have literally never done him wrong.

its incredibly annoying and repetetive.

For instance, there is a scene where he books the only remaining hotel room at a hotel. I was completely expecting an arrogant young master to pop out of nowhere needing a room and then trying to arrogantly rake it from him.

 Sure enough, it happened.

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Johnnycabra rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: c14
First couple of chapters were great up until

... more>>

The servant girl was forced inducted into becoming a disciple due to finding out she had supreme spiritual roots. Some master cultivators outside of a root testing facility spotted them on their way to eat something and forced them to take the root test. I think it was implied that they could perceive one of them having a good spirit roots and that's why the MC and female lead were forced. The problem lies in that the MC parents having died and spent all their money trying to open the MC's mortal root only to fail. Why did no one notice the female leads spirit roots before which would have solved their problems. It feels like the future chapters are going to have the damsel in distress cliche and have the female leads get taken away from MC which will lead to power ups and the destroy sect to recover female lead only for this to repeat again. It sucks as the story started out interesting only for this happen on the first 4 chapters of the story with it coming out nowhere. It would have been fine if it happened more naturally like the MC earning enough to test the female lead's roots and then deciding to join a sect or self cultivate. Instead they went with a bad cliche at start of novel to create conflict/drama.


P. S.

I just saw that this is was from the author of gate of good fortune. If you see any reviews on that story, you will find that many call it the gate of misfortune for many reasons,


The female leads always get kidnapped and have really bad things happen to them. It happens frequently in the story and I think some said that rape/NTR or death occur to one or two of the leads. I think some people who followed the novel said that some weren't really part of the harem but still, the guy gets no breaks. The story is said to be really good but it's the female kidnap cliche that makes people have issues with the story.


His other work, strongest abandoned son, was pretty good story and enjoyable to read but it seems that this xianxia might end up like gate of misfortune. As I just saw that it might be following the same path as gate of misfortune I will have to stop at this point in the story. If anyone is going to read this story, I would suggest you read the reviews on people who have read or completed gate of good fortune before deciding to read this xianxia (to see whether you don't mind those cliches). It could follow a different direction than GOGF but I would wait for more chapters to release to see if the story will be different than GOGF. Like I said, the writing is good but it's the cliches and the way they are delivered that put me off from this story.

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Ignus rated it
April 19, 2017
Status: c30
I am glad I pick up this story.
It has all the makings for an epic journey.
Although still a tab bit to early to rate, it hints at all the right stuff.

It's pretty obvious that the author has outlined and planned out the majority of the story.
- Less filler material
- Mystery interwoven into the plot, and desire to find out what happens next.
- Less jumping/missing scenes that ruin immersion
- Less blatant plot armor - more naturally written into the story.... more>>
The characters are really well done.
- Dialogue is above average, and meaningful.
- Characterization is colorful, and realistic
- MC uses logic and his reasoning is well explained... and fairly consistent.

There are some negatives:
- So far there hasn't really been much action.
- Author keeps mentioning technology, but finding excuses why it's never used. Its interesting, but also doesn't fit right. Unless the author has plans to use it more... until such time it feels like a poor gimic. <<less
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March 25, 2017
Status: c16
A refreshing novel which differentiates from all xiaxian novel. A quite realistic reincarnation story which does not make the MC seem like God with superhuman gifts but rather human specifically a scientist who got betrayed by his wife. In our current world we have wife/girlfriend who kill husband/ boyfriend for money (inheritance and vice versa), thus current plot still seem plausible. I believe Johnnycabra is wrong and bias to negative reviews mainly due to author's previous novel GOGF and here is why:

... more>>

The previous reviewer seems too bias and easy to conclude in a negative way without fully understanding the circumstances that occur in the novel. His example in spoiler section did not mention that the individual who detected that the servant might have natural gifts was from a large sect and a elder and thus was more attuned and powerful enough to detect faintly her spirit quality in comparison to his father with no spiritual root (mortal root}. However, he still needed to get her tested. If it was that easy to detected spirit quality of humans, perhaps, there would not be any 'test'. Moreover, this is his servant not girlfriend or wife and definitely not the lead female character but his servant, to suggest his going go to destroy a sect because of a servant is absurd and ridiculous.


This a promising novel and I suggest all to read. 5 stars <<less
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crazykat rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c144
I am not sure where the hate for this novel is coming from. This has been a very enjoyable novel to read so far. It shows you how far you can get with a little bit of hard work and some common sense. The MC is really smart and has the "common sense" that other MC tend to lack in most of the web novels.

There is also no over powered cheat or anything that would suddenly make the MC super strong, rather its a gradual increase in strength. As... more>> for the story, its about the struggle that our MC who is just a mortal has to go through to become a immortal cultivator. And to pursue his goals he does everything he can to to survive and I really love that about this MC. He isnt rash and knows when to back out. He doesnt offend everyone he sees like other CN novels MC.

The story feels fleshed out, the world seems to be slowly growing and overall I really love the novel so far. Its like one of those hidden gems.

My rating for up to ch 144 would be something like.


Translator: 9

Grammar: 8 <<less
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Nukus rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c79
This has a lot of bad reviews and they all typically come down to one part near beginning which is basically just a plot device to get the MC to do something different.

Overall, I rather like the story, and you may too if you get past the first couple dozen chapters. Probably helps if you havent read GOGF.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gregor1422 rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c11
Great story so far! A reincarnation that sounds solid as the author takes the time to flesh out what is happening around the MC and what he was like prior to reincarnation. None of that bullsh*t where the MC goes "Oh I reincarnated, this father was a genius in his previous life so he will just wipe through all the opposition here! Eat candies level up and pop out super saiyan like power. " Nope, MC is actually a mortal who needs special meds to open up his path to... more>> immortality.

But that is only enough to get 3 or maybe 4 stars out of me at best, the real kicker is that the MC decided to create a medicine (since he was a medicine refiner in his previous life) and this medicine has been one of the biggest cornerstones for human history. Especially the World War that was fought, thousands of lives were saved, and it feels good to see a 21st century medicine being brought up in a Wuxia novel. All I gotta say is that the translator is doing a fabulous job and the story is awesome, can't get enough of it lol! Only wish the releases were faster but even so it is more than worth the wait.

Thank you translator for picking up this awesome story!

Cheers! <<less
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Ravelord rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c38
It would've been good if MC would not act controversially.

Why would you needlessly aggravate people left and right when you don't even have means to defend yourself?

Author pose MC as smart, but he always end up doing rush decisions, also incessantly create troubles for both himself and those around him
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JervIsMe rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c76
The pace of the story is really good; he slowly builds his power based on his own knowledge and experience. This is especially different from many other Xianxia stories where the MC meets with some fortuitous event which catapults him straight to success. This story illustrates the capabilities of human ingenuity and hard work. The MC shows how as long as a person works hard, success is possible.

Definitely a good read, and looking forward to more creative ways the author shows how a mortal can become immortal, and would... more>> definitely like to see him fight against other cultivators.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
M3gasoul rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c93
So far, a completely lackluster story. There's hardly any fights, and no notable cultivation differences from anyone in the story except for color flashes at the testing site. Sure the MC is still on the bottom of the totem pole, but he hasn't even seen a single technique being used, no magic treasures, no excitement over anything at all. Just a middling novel.

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voydom rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c80
Boy with bad cultivation talent uses alchemy and alternative cultivation path to survive and grow. The first 80 chapters that have been translated so far have this nice atmosphere, where MC is very weak and vulnerable and has to thread very carefully, hiding his talents, to avoid attention from powers that would want to kill or enslave him.

It looks very nice so far and the scenery changes so often you feel you have read more chapters than you actually did. Really looking forward to see what his fighting style... more>> will be like.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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