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A slightly perverted Hero that loves the demon lord so much he can’t help it and an insensitive demon lord who cannot understand why she is being doted on.

A story of the two filled with (the hero’s) love.

HeroxMaou average rating 4.4/5 - 65 user ratings
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I, The Demon Lord.—For Some Reason Am Being Doted On By The Hero.
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09/14/17 Hecate’s Corner c2c2
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01/01/17 Hecate’s Corner c2 (old)c2 (old)
12/25/16 Hecate’s Corner c1 (old)c1 (old)
12/25/16 Hecate’s Corner prologue (old)prologue (old)
12/25/16 Hecate’s Corner illustrationsillustrations
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New Sherrynity rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: prologue
RIP kidneys, albeit not so literally.

This Maou has really low self-esteem and paranoid attitude. But don't worry, their fluffy interactions will soothe your dirty nasty conscience. The hero is head over heels to the Maou, even go as far as abandoning his duty as a Hero..... —wait, so does he still can be called a hero? Hmm...

Oh welp. Just shut up and enjoy the fluffiness.
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Kiki0246 rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c5
The first thing I need to say: It's adorable!

This is a heartwarming story that really gives you those fluffy, sugarless sugar rushes when you're feeling down. Becareful for diabetes!

This novel doesn't exactly have any real plot, but the characters are the kind that makes you squeal "aww!". Although there are probably better novels out there, if you just want a quick burst of happiness *topped with extra sweetness*, than this is it!
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