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[Zen’s Synopsis] In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have blocked meridians and was unable to cultivate, ending up the trash of society. His father’s tarnished pride… his fianceé’s ultimate dishonour…

Being almost accidentally killed and left for the dead, heaven finally smiles upon him as a miracle descends, awakening his potential as a Heavenly Jewel Master. Or… is it truly a gift?

Join our dear rascally and shameless MC Zhou Weiqing in his exploits to reach the peak of the cultivation world, form an army, protect those he loves, and improve his country!

[Author’s Synopsis] Every human has their Personal Jewel of power, when awakened it can either be an Elemental Jewel or Physical Jewel. They circle the right and left wrists like bracelets of power.

Heavenly Jewels are like the twins born, meaning when both Elemental and Physical Jewels are Awakened for the same person, the pair is known as Heavenly Jewels.

Those who have the Physical Jewels are known as Physical Jewel Masters, those with Elemental Jewels are Elemental Jewel Masters, and those who train with Heavenly Jewels are naturally called Heavenly Jewel Masters.

Heavenly Jewel Masters have a highest level of 12 pairs of jewels, as such their training progress is known as Heavenly Jewels 12 Changes.

Our MC here is an archer who has such a pair of Heavenly Jewels.

Heavenly Jewel Change average rating 4.2/5 - 1060 user ratings
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Thiên Châu Biến
Tian Zhu Bian
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New Ryuuto-san rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: c175
I love this novel but I hate the inconsistency of the translation. Hopefully they can speed it up or at least make it regular. Otherwise, I don't understand why they don't let Qidian get this novel. Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting anyone on this war betweens translators, but I want to read what I am into.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
easygoing rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
This is one of my favorite novels around at the moment, I've read the entire thing and like more of Tang three's works the moment I started I was enjoying myself, the main character is shameless, funny and strong. I really think this author does polygamy fictions better than monogamous because in just about every one of his works I've read he introduces at least 2 or 3 possible love interests and just decides to kind of give them the cold shoulder the entire novel
71 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Parth37955 rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
Tang Jia San Shao does not disappoint. Unlike his previous works like Douluo Dalu, this novel is more comedic... where else can you find a novel where the mc’s penis is slapped only to have it slap the MC’s love interest right back? The MC is initially portrayed as a shameless scoundrel but shows a more mature attitude every so often. The MC has plenty of lucky breaks, but he takes risks to achieve them. Anyway, it’s a good read. I recommend it.
34 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Konoe rated it
July 3, 2016
Status: v11c87 part1
Honestly. Just read it. If you like a good plot actually good characters that aren't entirely one dimensional and predictable and all that other jazz just read it. Reading these reviews is basically pointless because it's either extremely biased towards the bad or the good. Read it and make your own judgement, That being said I personally recommend this book, I like it way more then MGA or ATG or any of them. TJSS is great.

26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suoh95 rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: v6c44
Honestly, Nothing new here, just another in a long line of others. It could've been great but so many cringe-worthy and idiot and ridiculous elements.

I could go in full detail but I really don't want to waste any more of my time here.

24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Felix3D rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c283
I don't know what you think about HJC. I don't know what you think about the related works SYWZ and DD.

But it gets better.

A lot better.

And it has much of the good parts of this author's other works without showing too much of the bad, thanks to the more heavy comedy/irony focus.

Furthermore, the various conflicts, while somewhat derivative/repetitive, actually changes over time. Which is nice. There is a bunch of "And then my boss's boss!" or "The faction above this level of faction!" going on, which... more>> is very stupid and plot-holey at times, but at the same time it's kind of acceptable the way he goes about it.

The worst thing about HJC (So far) is how everything seems to be "happily ever after" and tied up with a nice bow. There really isn't much organic villany.

But hey, we like marvel movies, no?

Basically, the most palatable Tang Jia San Shao novel.

19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheJudge rated it
January 18, 2016
Status: --
Nothing new here, MC is a snarky, cocky and arrogant fellow who justify his screw ups as being "possessed or just young and innocent (lol yeah right). I stopped a few chapters in after the rape arc when he kept a "souvenir" to remember what hes done. The excuses he gives for doing what he does is pitiful.

This author always seem to make good introductions in whatever he writes, but they fall off to oblivion when it comes to everything else. His stories just doesn't hold my attention, and... more>> when it does I always facepalm at how stupid MC is.

19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
UncleOddball rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: --
I honestly can't remember when I did drop out of this obe, it was neither early nor late point tho.

There's a barrage of reviews praising this novel to the heavens.

I disagree.

It is true that it has an interesting "cultivation" system, and it's good that MC is not another transmigrated underdog.

But the tale is mediocre, the pace is hasty, and what spoiled me this the most is the dumb, illogical, filthy idea that the rape-victims (using the second word based on other reviews, during the point I've... more>> reached it was one girl of such setting) would just fall for the guy, because.

It was the joy-kill for me, and I won't read it regardless how bored I'll get with my current handfull of up-to-dates.

The only reason it's not 1 star is that the background world was truly interesting.

18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Premonition rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c302 part3
Among the many TJSS novels I've seen, this is my favourite. I find that TJSS spends way too much time on adolescent years and it hurts the reading experience.

HJC has many elements, there's the initial army arc, school arc, tournament arc, army arc again, and so on. But they never feel out of place and instead feel well planned. Motives of the MC are very clearly shown and the comedic elements make this a blast to read.

The translation quality is great, but I think the name should be... more>> Heavenly Pearl Transformation instead.

I could barely believe this is the same author who wrote Child of Light.

18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
phenom007 rated it
April 26, 2016
Status: --
I think its one of TJSS well balanced work as MC can be ruthless to his enemies while kind to his friends and he perverted in nature which makes some of best comic scene throughout the story. This has romance, action, comedy.

What more do you need from a story. So go give it a read.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
clowred rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
One of the most stable works from this awesome author. This guy here, which acts foolishly almost all the time, was the base for his most iconic character from Douluo Dalu, Tang. While we can complain a lot because this character acts very foolish, we forget that the most impressive main characters from other novels are either reborn after they made a lot of mistakes and died, or they are old enough to understand how important is to make the right decision at the right time.

Read this novel, and... more>> later you will find out how he slowly matures. I only have, sadly, two complains addressed to this author, my first would be the pace which slows down quite a lot from the eight book, and the unbalance created by a character that was replaced with a more mature version of his instead of following a certain formula. Still, these are, in the end, acceptable flaws for any novel. We are readers in the end. I will give 5 stars towards this beautiful novel which is ranked between the 10 and 20 places in my top.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Densus rated it
January 28, 2016
Status: --
Another TJSS novel that is worth to take note of. As in the case of other TJSS’s works world-building is interesting enough to get a reader an enjoyable experience of immersion. One of the most appealing points of the novel is that of character building of MC: he is a very enjoyable eccentric (and shameless to the LLS’s Yue Yang level), but is very realistic 13-year old MC. Although, some of reviews mentioned him to be spoiled, and MGA’s Chu Feng-ish, but in my understanding he seems to get much... more>> better character development, both in variety of his traits as well as their gradual changes along the story.

Another point that is worth to mention that is toning down of overly powerful abilities and powers. Like the mention and evidence of that many factors aside from sheer level of cultivation do matter. Lastly, I would like to point out that despite having MC be “typical” self-centered xianxia character, at least at this point in the story it seems that development of his home country is of the important matter for him, unlike many other egoistic OP MCs out there.

Add in substantial amount of humor, as well as solid, but not over the board romance and this novel is definitely a material that is worth of attention.

time of review:v6ch48 <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Katra1212 rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: v12c102 part3
The most charismatic and clever MC. Don't doubt his plain innocent face. Therein hides a tiger (of course) *with a perverted look on its face* and a dragon strength (again) *with a perverted look on its face* that will bare its fangs only when our Zhou Little Fatty deems you a threat to his little beloveds.

Amazing fight scenes, very descriptive with unique system of power and cultivation.

Title holder: The best scoundrel peeper.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wargreymon rated it
January 25, 2016
Status: --
Absolutely my favorite right now.

Funny MC, good secondary characters, good storyline.

The fights involves tactic and coordination too.

Awesome novel.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
J-Mitch rated it
February 4, 2017
Status: v16c132 part3
This novel deserves precisely a 3. And I say this as someone who enjoys a majority of this novel.

The only reason it's rated lower than it could be is because of 2 things, (1) it's harem and (2) the power structure.

First, let's talk of the harem. From the start I could bear through it, being someone who doesn't particularly favor novels that include harem, but as time went, it just got worse for me. And the moment...
... more>>

the MC took in the sister of his fiance,

I had enough. The way the characters tend to fall in love with each other is simply not realistic. The interactions female characters and male characters have are not realistic. It bodes the question of where the author get's his ideas on what relationships are truly like. While it's true some of the characters are young and it may just be physical attraction that edges them on, some of their actions are a complete violation to their character.

In addition, the MC's harem seems to be all from the main powerful sects; and the inheritors of those main powers are always female.

In the end, if you think about it, women are treated as a joke in the novel. So many of them have 'unbelievable' bodies (and I quote) and the ones that don't clearly are thrown to the arms of those that are not the MC. Either that, or are made as terrible enemies of our character.

Second, is the power structure. The MC get's stronger way too fast. He has so many powers compared to everyone else, and before his other powers are even developed, he gets more. It's like, cheat after cheat comes his way. Just how big of a plot armor can a character have? And besides the physical pain he goes through, the character doesn't suffer many obstacles. You might say, he has suffered a lot in the novel. But if you really think about it, his action are the actions of what anyone who had desire would do in his position when it comes to gaining strength. Even the loss of the country he comes from, it seems he has the option of 'saving them all'. And saving them all, I mean, saving all that matter to him.

The primary things that save this story are the comedy, not the harem related comedy, but the rogue mentality it shows; the underdog situations, and the action! There is lot's of action, but not so much that it makes you feel as it's only action, and bores you to death like some other novels.

Seeing as how it all balances out, I rate this a 3. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sairony rated it
December 18, 2016
Status: v15c124 part3
This is one of my favorites. A lot of people will probably be ticked off by the Rape tag however, small spoiler ahead:

... more>>

Can it be called rape if he himself isn't even conscious?


You've probably read the basic formula before, trash MC awakens ultimate potential through deus ex machina. If you've read ISSTH, ATG, TDG, ED etc and have a kind of guilty pleasure associated with them you'll probably like this one. I even think this one is done a lot better for a few reasons.

First of all I like the MCs personality, he isn't arrogant for one, which I like. He loves to tease & flirt, and the writing in that department is actually pretty decent. In my opinion the romance side of the story therefor works comparatively well. It also makes for some funny situations when it backfires.

The characters overall are better than usual, you can usually guess who is saying what even without being told who has spoken.

Another good point is the fact that the characters do grow, this is especially true for the MC which matures a lot throughout the story so far.

The power system is a bit hard to grasp in the beginning, perhaps mostly due to poor explanation, but once you get a bit in it becomes clear and isn't that hard to understand.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
marchex rated it
November 9, 2016
Status: v14c116 part1
This was a very good read, very different from loner MC who cultivate in silence and drinks pill in order to get stronger. This guy has some good to great EQ. Making him have great relationship with other people and make the harem seem believable. Although, the harem is the only major complaint I have as I'm not a fan of girls leaving him just because new girls need their time to shine.

What makes this novel quite good is the battle scenes. The author knows how to write fight... more>> scenes, not just the flashy super powered, light shows that most xianxia author does. There is motion, action, tactics, thinking, weight, that the author does so well.
The power progression too is not boring.

I wish the translation can be faster tho, as it's really a very enjoyable read.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
this series is deserve more than 4 star it currently has. Some update you see on your reading list you can ignore, because its better for that particular series to be read after accumulating more than 5 chapter. But this series is something you can enjoy for every part of it.

The MC is shameless to the roof top. That's what make this series so unique and funny >. ≪
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 17, 2016
Status: --
I gave this series a try as its author is well known and the series is fairly popular as well.

I confess that I haven't read all the translated chapters. I dropped the series few chapters after the rape scene. (Not a spoiler as this happens fairly early in the series). So new readers shouldn't really care for my review as I dropped it early. For this reason I won't rate the series as well.

Now I'm sure the fans of this series would defend the rape scene... more>> by saying that the MC was under the control of dark energy, and that the girl understood it so she kind of forgived him... Well, nope. My criticism isn't about the fact that MC raped a girl.

My criticism is about the dumb habit of chinese authors who use "rape" to establish a relationship between the main characters. When Chinese authors can't think of interesting way to make the main characters fall in love or establish a relationship between them they use "rape" to forcefully create a relationship. The girl would find that MC was her first so she would starting to fall in love with him... I just don't understand how could rape give rise to a potential romantic link? <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maleandar rated it
May 13, 2016
Status: --

Based on some reviews I almost skipped this. Let me clarify a few negative points

... more>>

To the rape: Bing’er the female lead, aware that he was awakening his jewel, let her guard down and knew it was possible that in some cases the person who awakens needs a sacrifice to bring their jewel out. She let her guard down and rushed into his tent during his awakening. He was already out of his mind, controlled by the black gem. He grabbed her and her mind too went blank. They were surrounded by a cocoon and both went at it, mutual s*x. However when it was over and she became aware of what happened she broke down, as she did not want it to happen but it did. The MC too, became aware of it after and swore to make it up to her no matter how and has devoted himself to win her over. The love story is awesome. Watch as they progress step by step. Very well done.

Is the MC a pervert. YES!!! But in a good way. Kinda like Saito from Familiar of Zero. He does not sleep around. His harem is growing unbeknownst to him. He is not shy to express his feelings or lust. Bu does not go all the way with them for he does not want to betray Bing’er. He is more afraid of losing her than death itself. Hell even his teachers father offered her as a concubine to him to join his sect and he refused!

The joke are good, the fights decent and the story flows smoothly. Do not let the negative reviews stop you from reading this... it is GOOOOOOOOD!!! Action romance fantasy comedy..... what more do you want? 5/5 <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Soren59 rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: c133.1
Love it! It has a unique take on cultivation, and the MC isn't the typical idiotic prideful MC who challenges 1000 people he knows he can't fight because they mocked him or slaughters a million people (99. 9% of which probably didn't do anything to him) because they insulted his girlfriend.

This MC is shameless, and he won't risk his life for pride. He will use tricks and won't hesitate to fight two against one against his enemies if he knows he can't win. Although he doesn't deliberately try to... more>> pick up girls, he has a "zero immunity" to good looking girls and he doesn't do much to conceal his lechery. As far as the typical "heavenly fortune" of xianxia MCs goes, about 95% of his seems to be used on inadvertently getting into questionable situations with girls.

Yes, there is a rape scene pretty early on where the MC doesn't have control of his body.


The MC, Zhou Weiqing, is crippled from birth in terms of cultivation, and finally decides to use a cultivation technique which he found by chance, but was previously too afraid to use because it can kill the person using it. That, in combination with a mysterious orb he swallowed in chapter 1, causes him to go through a demonic transformation of sorts which requires a "sacrifice", or he will die (the MC himself doesn't know about the sacrifice requirement at this point). Shangguan Bing'er, a Heavenly Jewel Master who happens to be nearby and senses him going through a breakthrough to become a Heavenly Jewel Master, and goes to his tent, only to unwittingly become the "sacrifice" for Weiqing's demonic transformation. So yes, he rapes her while he's semi-conscious and doesn't have any control over his own body.


If you can't stomach rape in a fictional novel then this isn't for you.

As far as combat goes, this is one of my favourite aspects of the novel. It's not boring one-dimensional

"I'm level 12 while you're level 11. 5 and my ability is a higher rank so you have no chance" kind of fights, and it's also not the type where they keep clashing attacks together until 3 chapters later they decide to use their "hidden trump cards" and the side with the best hidden trump card wins.

No, the combat is a lot more intricate in this novel. Archery, melee, offensive spells, defensive spells, control-type spells and mobility-type spells, they are all used tactically in order to gain advantage, not just whoever has the strongest ability wins. That's also on top of the fact that there are many different elemental types of spells, and physical fighters specialise in different areas (e. G. Speed/agility, strength/offense, toughness/defense, flexibility/coordination). It makes for the best combat system I've seen in any xianxia novel. Not that I've read them all, but still.

Of course, there are still some overpowered abilities which can disregard enemy tactics, but for the most part the combat is very satisfying.

Overall 5/5, highly recommended as long as you can deal with the rape part.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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