Good Morning, Miss Ghost


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From the Author of Just Blame Me For Being Blind In the Beginning and Marriage Concerto.

The handsome Emperor of the acting industry, Mo Zhen, has caused thousands of girls to fall in love with him in his 26 years, but has never fallen in love before.

That is until a certain shameless ghost shows up at his house and decides to move in with him to become a freeloader.

Not only does she blatantly try to follow him to the bath, plots revenge against any females with alternative motives within five meter distances, but she even wrecks havoc online by providing secret info about him to his fans!

Honestly, how shameless can a ghost get?

Good Morning, Miss Ghost average rating 4.2/5 - 31 user ratings
Associated Names
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We Have Very Few Friends (大家的朋友都很少)
榛子与贞子 《Zhēnzi (Hazelnut) and Zhēnzi (Chastity)》
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