Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


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Yun Luo Feng, Hua Xia Medicial School’s genius, died from an accident and her soul then attached to Long Xia mainland’s General family’s useless eldest miss.

This waste not only can’t read nor fight (practice martial art), but is big chested, no brain, arrogant and self-willed.

Since having the crown prince as a perfect fiance isn’t enough, she actually snatched a pretty boy in public, leading to the crown prince to annul the marriage.

But the waste couldn’t stand this development and hung herself to end her life.

Open her eyes again, she is no longer the previous useless miss.

She got a contract with God’s puppet and carrying spiritual plant space. With wonderful hands that can rejuvenate and medical skills that stun the world!

Above the royal descendants and nobles, below the merchants, all competing to curry her favor, even the His Royal Highness, the crown prince, who previously broken the engagement, came knocking on the door wanting to reconcile?

In regard to this, a mysterious man finally couldn’t endure: “Whoever dare to come and harass my woman, let them come but never return!”

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Guǐ Dì Kuáng Qī: Wán Kù Dà Xiǎo Jiě
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Sacred Feet
Sacred Feet rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c25
I enjoy reading stories about transmigration so I decided to give this a go. My initial reactions while reading the first few chapters were: (1) the transmigration intro is very rushed (typical weak trash of the family dies and is replaced with a soul, of the same name, who's strong/intelligent); and (2) typical family background of this trash is that its quite strong & recognised, and typical fiance who can't take this trash's shit anymore so dumps him/her (annuls engagement) so this story set up isn't anything new and is... more>> predictable.

what led to the engagement breaking was actually from the original MC's misunderstanding but it also seems somewhat suspicious to me so I'm here like alright something refreshing finally BUT NOPE right after the author goes onto say the fiance himself set it up to frame her so the engagement could be broken - I would have liked some suspense. The replacement soul's reason for resentment towards the original's grandfather is so dumb, I can't even... BUT HE ACTUALLY FEELS GUILTY??!!?!? I'm sorry but I personally think protecting the country from war and invasion, which influence so many lives, are more important than her single life & the replacement should understand the original was evidently stupid and slow so she shouldn't be blaming someone who isn't even relevant to the incident smh. Yes what happened to her was wrong, but her grandfather is not at fault. This misplaced blaming rubs me the wrong way. She shouldn't be guilt tripping him like that.

In other words, I basically disliked it in the beginning; BUT I continued to read anyway and this changed.

I like the 'new' MC's lazy attitude. This makes her stand out from other stories, where the MC after transmigrating is normally working hard to gain power from the get go. Even though she does have motivation and interest, the MC isn't open about it nor does she bother to burden anyone about it. She's quite laid back and playful. Personally, I like this. She seems human and someone we can relate to.

What I've gathered is that the chapters are short and easy to read, which I like. If you don't like rushed stories or prefer lengthy descriptions that immediately pull you in, then this novel's intro is something you likely won't enjoy. If you like transmigration stories and want something similar to other stories, but kind of fast paced (skims through the predictable intro), then give this a go. There's not much new here except a few new details. It is really similar to other transmigration stories like Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss and Otherworldly Evil Monarch, with a few small changes. Its kind of like the author didn't bother to build up characters, but instead took these other stories and introduced them in a rushed manner, so new details can be added on top.

Similar to how in those stories the grandfather/general in this story is also quite strong & he also faces the loss of all his children and one who was strong is now crippled, EXCEPT the author's twist is that everyone believes he's dead including the MC. Similar to Genius Doctor, the MC has a little powerful boy who aids her, except he doesn't have anything to do with the original soul of the MC nor is he a spirit ring. He's attached to her thanks to a book (similar to Enchantress Among Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife... title is also similar, coincidence?!).

The grandfather/general seems hot blooded which I like! He doesn't take shit from the get go and he lets you know it too.

This makes the MC begin to warm up to him which I also like! He's genuine in his feelings and she should realise that.

I don't like her fiance at all. He's arrogant. I understand not wanting to marry someone who has no talent, but developing hate towards her from an engagement decided by others (not her) is unreasonable. He comes off a bit conceited. Yes he has a high position and would want someone of equal footing, but to hate someone over something out of their control is just downright stupid. Glad the summary tells us he's not the male lead LOL.


All in all, despite the introduction and concept being nothing new, the story does begin to pull you in and you gradually come to like it. Although I do disagree with some mannerisms/reactions/thoughts of the characters, I think it also makes them human in the aspect that we do tend to be unreasonable and childish when it comes to people close to us & we tend to be selfish with things we want or think we deserve. If you can get past the first few chapters, then I think the story will actually be enjoyable; however, I can't really say so 100% you'll enjoy it, considering there aren't much translated chapters currently. I mean 11 out of 1118 chapters won't tell you much, especially when these chapters are short. You can only hope that it continues to get better. Therefore, I'm currently giving this a 3/5. I will update my review, if I feel necessary to do so, as I continue reading this story.

UPDATE: Despite the concise chapters, the story progress 25 chapters in is still quite slow; however, when you look at the bigger picture with how many chapters there are in total, it makes sense. These chapters mostly focus on building the main character and possible future foes. <<less
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c4
This story is similar to another story called Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss in the way that the MC's I'm uncle is crippled and the grandfather is powerful in military ways, but it's quite okay as a novel
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November 17, 2016
Status: c5
Will rate when more chapters are out.

Like a previous reviewer mentioned it does share a similar background setting to Genius Doctor. In fact I'm almost inclined to believe that having a crippled uncle and powerful father/grandfather is a common trope. I mean, Otherworldly Evil Monarch also has that same setting. Both uncles cured and boom, they are imba as heck. The MC can then proceed to leave home knowing that the family will be safe.

Enough about other novels, but this novel here has yet to display its differences... more>> that would let it stand apart from many others (Granted, I'm only 5 chapters in). The MC is quite decisive and dedicated from what we could see but nothing special. Will continue to read to find out more about how the story will unfold. Translation is acceptable, no problems understanding the story. <<less
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