Full-time Anomaly


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Yan Tian’s an orphan. As a child, he received rigorous training, eventually arriving at an unknown city. Here, a brand-new way of life shall unfold for him……

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Yan Tian, a man of skills beyond reproach. After suffering harrowing experiences while growing up abroad, he’d finally returned to his country of origin: China. With instructions from his master not to return, Yan Tian has to figure out what to do, but first he needs to get a job! A twist of fate bestows upon him a chance… a chance to go beyond a world that he believed he had already completely scoured. Although born an orphan, his sense of humor and the many passing beauties make his journey worthwhile.

Full-time Anomaly average rating 2.9/5 - 26 user ratings
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One entry per line
Full-time Devilish Talent
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New urmomgogogo rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c18
This is clearly a poor quality copy of My Wife is a Beautiful CEO. I might continue reading this if it was an improved version of My Wife is a Beautiful CEO but this author clearly copies it without considering some of the changes he made to the MC.

For example, in Ch3 when MC was writing the language test, the female secretary didn't even judge or question the MC when he was wearing the cheapest clothes you can find in the street stalls (In My Wife is a Beautiful CEO, the MC was already married to the female MC and she provided him with a whole wardrobe of ArmanI suits for him to go to an job interview).

Another problem is the author's money sense, no Top 50 CEO "personal" bodyguard would be paid a measly 20000 RMB (~$1300 USD) per month. Do you really think someone that's paid that little would put his life on the line to block bullets for you? It is not like the job is a security guard where you wouldn't have to put your life on the line for the job. Just for reference, a celebrity bodyguard is paid $100USD/hour.

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New EvilMc
September 13, 2017
Status: c1
Basically, flat and predictable is the words id use to this describe it

... more>>

first of who in there right mind shouts at a random girl you look like my future wife in a deranged way like the MC did in the first chapter.

And the no surprise but when the MC gets to his apartment his new roommate is the girl he shouted at and then he has the audacity to perversely stare at her whiles she trying to cover up.

I'm gonna continue on the MC but the random girl called sun yue also deserves to be the most stupidest women I've seen first she gets harassed by some beggar looking dude and she decided not to say anything and continue eating that I do get but when you go home and decide to take a shower and in the middle of the get interrupted by previous harasser you don't just shout at him to leave and except him leave. Here's the worst bit after he finally leaves she goes into her and forgets completely about and accepts that he's her new roommate not that he's maybe a rapist or something and decides to make ground rules like what's going in this girls head or the writers head when he or she but most likely he wrote this where's the logic

And back to the MC who we keep getting reminded is a orphan who was raised by some shady master to learn martial arts and other useless stuff but for some reason the MC has never read a book but he can several language and write in them too ??

And there's the first antagonist we meet who's called young master Huang who wants to become a bodyguard even though he's rich just so he can see the company chairwoman who no surprise is beautiful in fact every women we've meet or heard of is beautiful that's including the dumbest woman alive sun yue, the best friend of the chairwoman who also is her secretary xia something, the beautiful language exam paper handler?? And of course the chairwoman

And how does the antagonist young master Huang know that the MC knows who to speak several languages that he decides to switch his sheet for his, I mean the MC so far described his short his hair is in disarray and his clothes are tattered and for some reason a prestigious company lets in???


Boring typical trash <<less
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