Frosty Prince Boils Over his Imperial Concubine:Generals Di Daughter


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The armed forces formerly lead by Chu Yu Liang’s father who went away for a major campaign, left his pampered daughter yet framed by his pro-mother.

Yes! That’s the truth and can’t go wrong

Chu Yu Liang unexpectedly transversed.

She looked up at the sky ,deeply pondered that she’s only a business woman in modern times “leftover woman” have not touch a man and simply woke up with a naked corpse beside her!?

In addition to that, she’s was accused of criminal offense: Adultery and Murder!

“Quickly! capture the eldest miss!” said by a person.

“Son, as long as you are able to save my life. My life will devoted to served in lifelong as slave and work extremely hard to repay your kindness”

A certain son coldly stared at her: “Alright”

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New Buffalo_QJ
September 14, 2017
Status: v1c3
  • Chapters are really short.
  • Bad translation quality.
  • Typical girl goes to ancient chinese dynasty, but girl runs away and doesn't use wisdom to fight against family, but asks someone to help her.
  • I don't understand why he would help her, as she was extreamly rude, but I couldn't even make out what they were saying.
For those of you considering whether or not to read it, I say you go find a different novel like Black belly princess or maybe even pheonix Xioayao.

Maybe I'll come back to read this in the future when the sentences actually make sense or if something interesting happens.

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