Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort


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She, Gu Ruoyun, was once a famous good-for-nothing in the country of Qinglong. Orphaned at an early age and born weak, she was the shame of the general’s household and was eventually beaten to death by her own grandfather after getting framed by others. After opening her eyes again, leaving behind that weak body, she’s no longer the good-for-nothing miss of yesterday!

Holding an ancient treasure within her body, contracting the four divine beasts, even the top experts of Qinglong are fighting to become her attendant… Pills? That’s nothing, she can refine a handful anytime. Are low level spiritual weapons that strong? Even her subordinates use high level spiritual weapons. You have a high level spiritual beast? Sorry, she already has an army of sacred beasts behind her dominating all!

However, could anyone tell her what’s up with this powerful devilishly handsome man?! Why does he keep pestering her shamelessly and why does he refuse to go away?!

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort average rating 4.4/5 - 249 user ratings
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Good-for-Nothing Overturns Common Sense: Evil Emperor's Wild Consort
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New Abi rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c156
Great story of a female MC that powers through the world and seemingly steamrolls over anyone that goes against her. Her personality is terrific and very strong, and the people around her are also well rounded. The male lead is cute and their romance is very adorable.

Generally, it's a reincarnation wuxia novel, so I'd group it with DKC or GDBBM. The MC may have the usual MC cheats but her personality is very unique, so I'm looking forward the the upcoming chapters!! Also, the best thing is it's translated... more>> very well, and it's written very smoothly! <<less
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New Purplepopsies rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c150
It's entertaining. The FL's is OP but the OP-ness is balanced out with her scheming mind. There is this one very peculiar character that is so loveable ( and surprisingly it is not the ML, but the ML is no less adorable) with his quirky behavior that made smile (ok, there's a lot of scenes that I loled like a lunatic). The 'villains' are tragically stupid but was dealt with beautifully. IMO, it is a good read and worth the wait.
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Agnie rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c82
A novel with a decent MC, yes, she's on her way of Mary Sueishness, but let's be honest: there are few transmigration novels with female MC that can be read without numbing your mind, constricting your throat (or better yet that of MC) and insane desire to flip the table and spit nails due to cliches and stupidity and making you cringe soooooo bad you just might be stuck in that cringing position. Yes, there are those cliches but they don't make you want climb the wall (yet. That much,... more>> anyway) (but I have a nagging g suspicious it's going there...).

So. MC is on her way of of MS, being OP and stuck with those awful plot lines of failed engagement circus, insane love rivals, trash - like existence and that God - like eye-candy of OP Male hotness glued to her side. You see where it's going, right?.. the question is how, though. If you are bored and looking for a read while waiting for Mei Gonqing, Queen of n.11 Agent, Chu Wangfei, A Tale of two Phoenixes, Chongfei Manual, Poison Genius Consort, Mistaken Marriage Match trilogy (well, I'm waiting for Gu Yun's story, Zhuo Qing is...tolerable), but not desperate enough to read Enchantress amongst alchemists, 13 yo consort or whatever it's called and the likes - this one might get you through tough period of waiting.

It's originality is 3,5 out of 10.
MC - 5 out of 10 so far (only because it could have been oh so much worse).
Male lead - pending. Not much info yet other than hot OP stuff with painful past.
Supporting charas - 1 for MC opposition, 5 for her aids.
Plot line - pending, so far not clear future development, but with authors hints it either gonna drop from 5 to 2 or stay the same (i pray it will).
Redeeming quality of the story is that MC is not separated that much from her past life (you were OP spy, thief or special agent or whatever in the past life but once you get a new one you forget all the stuff and just go with the flow and bash all the current enemies with no recollections of the past, no tricks of trade apart from eloquence and that super elegant poker face... really? Dear authors, your grandmother, *flips the table* are you actually serious?!).
Quality of translation is well on the upper side and that might or might not make up for the possible horror of cliches but nevertheless its pretty decent amongst what's there for us to peruse. I'd say it's a saving grace of this novel. Less experienced translators might have made it unreadable.

Overall it's not bad but neither is it impressive. I'm being strict and subjective here, so no hard feelings, if you are a fan, please. ^.^ I just wish to save trouble for those who go for a good quality read. <<less
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rdawv rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c5
Initial impressions as of Ch5.

Contains The Princess Wei Yang spoilers:
... more>>

Similar in tone as The Princess Weiyang, in that the MC died tragically due to betrayal and schemes of those closest to her. With her dying breath, she cursed them and found herself reborn... as the trashy daughter of a family in another land.


Each chapter is very short and direct. The MC acclimatizes to her new environment very quickly. Her mind is filled with vengeance and she seems to be in the mold of a confident yet (currently) bullied woman who would no doubt enthrall the greatest men of the day.

If you enjoy stories with indomitable female leads like The Princess Weiyang, Chu Wang Fei, Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss, The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady and the like, this is one more title to add to your list. <<less
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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c144
I've already read EAA up until Ch. 178 but actually forgot that this and that shared the same universe until now! If you're one who loved EAA, then I'm sure you'll certainly love this too. Anyway, right, on to the review.

As mentioned, this is the usual reincarnation plots -- an MC being betrayed, died, and reincarnated into a once-trash young miss. However, prolly unlike some reincarnated plots, this time the MC reincarnated into the same universe! Albeit just in a different continent. So, while some plots out there with MC's... more>> only seeking revenge for their reincarnated body's sake, this time the MC actually had the chance to seek and carry out her vengeance not just for the sake of the one she reincarnated into but also for her past life's sake. In my case, this is definitely an added twist, a different twist from Princess WeiYang or Mei Gongqing, that I look forward to.

Anyway, I'll lay out the foundations why I came to love this novel.

First, note, however, that yes, like EAA, MC is OP here. It's quite obvious.


Before MC got reincarnated, she's already a genius in martial arts, initially born from the Eastern part where geniuses of martial arts were said to hail. Moreover, the real reason why the one she reincarnated to was called trash was because she had a spiritual ocean said to be as large as the real ocean. Unfortunately, she lived in the West Continent, esp. in a small country where great masters, much less teachers, were scarce that could genuinely teach her the ways.

Because of the vastness of her spiritual ocean, it would take time to fill. And with no one to guide her, there was nothing that could be done in the past. However! Now that MC was in charge, and with all the knowledge she had, plus the Ancient Pagoda and the Phoenix as her backing, breaking through the stages naturally became easier. The original owner was already an OP in hiding, but met unfortunate circumstances because of the insufficiency of knowledge providers around her. Add that to MC's OP knowledge, also the Ancient Pagoda and Phoenix to back her, well... she's bound to be an OP character.


Then again, perhaps the reason why I actually preferred this over EAA is because the development of the characters appealed to me more, not to mention the other characters, their roles and the interaction between them. Take this one as a grain of salt though, since preference plays a great role here. So if some of you think EAA is much better, I have nothing left to say. Moving on...

As mentioned, I love the characters of EEWC. While the annoying bugs are still there, they aren't as annoying as the ones in EAA actually. Moreover, if EAA had the loveable master there, the one I love best here is the loveable best friend Luo Yin! Yes, MC has a REAL female best friend this time! And yes, that female best friend isn't an underling or servant! But a legit best friend with the same footing as her...

Do you know how rare that is? For an MC with a LEGIT FEMALE BEST FRIEND?! Idk for some readers out there. But really! Most Ancient China plots put highlight on how women loved vanity and pretences, scheming behind someone until they find an opportunity to bring the other woman down or something. So Luo Yin's existence, plus her spunky overprotective character is something I really like. Also her father, of course! Although they may be aren't as powerful a backup as Mu Ru Yue's master, I still have great respects for this family. For being there for MC.

Moreover, there's also that about the ML... I love the ML!


Like most plots with OP MC's, the ML here is also OP. An amnesiac two-faced bastard! HAHAHAHA Two-faced in a sense that he'd appear weak and pitiful just to be with MC and gain her favour, but can kill without hesitation to anyone who dare harm her! Yes, in a heartbeat, he had killed someone. And someone who even had connections to the favoured Imperial Concubine! What's more, he dared cut the jewels of the Crown Prince because he was jealous! HAHAHA

Though, I do admit that shameless Crown Prince deserved it! Still! HAHAHAHA I have to agree with some that the ML here is an absolutely doting ML on MC, but quite cold and heartless to everyone else! lol


EEWC contained lots of parallel developments to EAA... Maybe because they were written from the same author after all...?


Like MC's origins. Other powerful backers helping her. etc etc. :'D I will no longer spoil more than I need to. I feel like I've already given more than enough. Me and my mouth!


Anyway, also, I think she doesn't unnecessarily flaunt the strength she has and doesn't leave her enemies running about.


Despite having already obtained ownership of the famous Hundred Herb Hall earlier on, she even told the others to hide it from everyone so she could cultivate in peace. She knew her limits. She knew she still isn't strong. Thus, she doesn't want attention to herself.

As for the aforementioned enemies. Even with them alive, they're already as good as dead.

That aforementioned Ling guy is already crippled and can't cultivate. The Crown Prince is crippled because his jewels are no more! HAHAHAHA And as for the rest, MC is still not in the level that can offend them. Besides, they will encounter a fate much worse than that. XDD


...also, leaving your enemies half dead and hopeless, isn't that a much crueler thing than having them die that easily? Death is much kinder than having to see yourself so helpless.

Anyway, I do have to say the development after MC got reincarnated aren't as abrupt as EAA imo. Perhaps the only strong argument someone would not like this novel is if reader already hates the typical OP MC plots and the usual reincarnated tropes that came along with this one. However, if you're still open to the usual clichés, be my guest and read this. It wouldn't disappoint, at least until this point. I will not hesitate to write another one in case I change my mind.

Story aside though, the translators of this story is actually very good. So my seamless reading of this piece of art could be attributed to them too! Many thanks. After reading PTW and PGC from this translation site, I've already become their fan! They are one of the topnotch translators out there. And I'm very thankful for their generous efforts.

There, sorry for the long review and the equally many spoilers. Feel free to form your own opinions and preferences. <<less
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MrBugaw rated it
February 9, 2017
Status: c85
When you see a story about an underdog, you hope they can rise up to the challenge of their rivals! (Thanks Eye of the Tiger)...

At chapter 85 there have been some people who have been schooled by the MC, because she's not the person she was before. But there are so many people who don't realize that she's a whole new brand of fish, so they continue to pile on, angry that she dares to fight back against their bullying, not realizing that she's gonna school them too.

And so, I... more>> can say that so far the story has been pretty decent, and, based on the trend, in the future the story will get very satisfying. In the future you won't have to suffer those fools, they will be schooled hardcore, and you will cheer for their downfall! <<less
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ChaosDreamer660 rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c5
There is currently, not much to review, up to now it is enjoyable and follows the standard transmigration cultivation story. There's not a lot left to comment on other than the translation, to which the translators have done an amazing job up to now.

I enjoy this type of story, so up to now I'd say that it's definitely a good read. I have high hopes for future chapters.
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Atzien rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: c69
I have to say, at first I was driven away a little by the fact that it's a female lead. Most likely due to my having read too many horrible stories with female leads that are just full of cliches, then again, those are Western ones.

Anyways, this is quite a pleasant read so far, and it's beautifully written with a very, very sassy MC. She thinks things through, and while she is pretty god-modded quite a bit so far. I can't wait for the plot to pick up and for... more>> the story to really start, and for the plot to develop more and thicken. <<less
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MondoX rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c133
The only reason I have not dropped the story is because the mc's previous life is interesting, and she migrated to the same world, but different continent. So, she may be able to exact her revenge if the timeline is similar and she becomes stronger.

The reason why I want to drop it? The mc leaves her enemies alive most of the time. I would figure she wants to keep a low profile, but that is not the case. She flaunts the strength she has, and is... more>> not afraid to offend her enemies' families or a strong sect. Her enemies do not make it a secret they want to kill the mc, and seniors have tried to kill her in public. She went as far to saving one of her enemies from being killed by her powerful harem member. The powerful harem member member has a questionable background, and her beast companion warned her about his past. Even tough, it is not 100% trust, she still trust this powerful guy disregarding the warning of her beast companion.

The facts mentioned above are important, because

in her previous life she was chased around the continent by her own clan, her mother was tortured and killed, she was tortured, and her younger brother was tortured in front of her and probably killed. She of all people should understand she can not be soft on her enemies with this second chance. She has only killed one person out of many enemies that have tried killing her. As for trusting a random guy, she should be the most skeptical. She suffered the clique of, former lover back-stabs mc in previous life.

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Icelandic rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c125
While the chapters are short, it really doesn't take away from how awesome the story is, im a sucker for heroines who make her enemies suffer, not to mention the male lead is sooo adorbs but merciless >.< while the wait for new chapters are relatively short, it still feels so long because I'm highly invested in the story.
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annon2016 rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c122
One of the few reincarnation novels that I have not dropped after 100 chapters.

I would say it is worth it to read when there isn't anything else since there are frequent updates.

Also it is the only reincarnation novel I have read so far that might include revenge against enemies from both the past and present lives as opposed to the MC just dying and losing all connections to the people that killed her.

... more>> Other than that, I think the other aspects of the novel are pretty generic.

I don't have any experience with translating but I think the writing and the translations are pretty well done compared to some novels I have read before. <<less
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CookieMonster rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c15
It may look like the typical reincarnation-revenge story at first, but things start picking up after Chapter 9. The interaction between the MC and one of the characters is cute, and the girl's actions in the succeeding chapters are bold and a bit different from what the usual MCs in this genre do.

So far, it focuses more on martial arts than all the cefei, yatou, wangfu controversial stuff in most historical romance novels. I found it to be a mix of several tropes (romance, transmigration, revenge, powerful mentor you can... more>> carry around) , but the way it is written doesn't seem cliche at all.

This novel seems to have a lot of potential! It's definitely going on my Reading List. <<less
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SayItOutLoud rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: 122
Overall it looks to be a good novel. The chapters are a little on the shorter side, but are succinct, so to say. It gives you an impression of actual progression in a chapter rather than the "reading some unnecessary filler" feeling. As of the 120 odd chapters I've read, the setting seems well built.
The characters and story don't feel forced or abrupt, especially when compared to ... more>>

EAA which is of the same author

Hope it stays like this, as story progresses. <<less
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