Epoch of Twilight


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Have you ever thought that the state of the world as it presently is, could revert to the laws of the ancients? When a series of strange incidents beginning with the disappearance of his friend led Luo Yuan to question the possibility of an apocalypse, he becomes embroiled in the midst of a global-scale chaos.

Evolution has turned the flora and fauna of the vast and bountiful Earth into something that had never been seen before. Coincidentally, the all-dominating Homo sapiens have ended up at the bottom of the food chain. From mystery to crisis, will Luo Yuan discover a means of saving humanity by racing to the top of the food chain? Or will he strive in accordance with the law of the jungle? It is the dawn of an age of the survival of the fittest.

Epoch of Twilight average rating 3.8/5 - 124 user ratings
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New Edge rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c87
You just need to know this: It's good sh*t.

The main character, unlike any other chinese novels, doesn't get into fights constantly and when he does, he doesn't always walk out safely as well, only sometimes in fact. Our protagonist is a rational person, a healthy male (very healthy indeed), and he is realistic. He knows right and wrong, cares for his friends and even helps those who are in need. Better, he doesn't kill for no reason and doesn't kill actively (unlike some characters who "hunt" vilians), and most of... more>> the blood on his hands is justifiable.

About the world (in this case, China) after its changes or perhaps, evolution: It is gorgoeus (if you don't mind some gore and bigass monsters roaming amok), and from the author's descriptions, you could easily be engulfed by the excitement of watching mother nature claiming back her lands and restore their vitality. Also, the struggle of humankind in the fight for survival could literaly make you have goosebumps.

Others than that, the characters are realistic as well, decent, rational, but most of the names introduced from the start has been long since slipped out of my memory, meaning, why the hell did the author introduce some characters and then just throw them away? For example, a military officer got introduced in detail, showing his name, his backgrounds, his inside thoughts at that moment and then "poof", no one ever remembers him again.

Another part I have to criticize is the translation.

How the hell a 1.45-meter long blade got described as a "knife" every single time? Doesn't the translator feel an itch in his ass when he reads it? Oh, better yet, later, it got described as a "machete".

*flip table* *face palm*

Other than the irritable blade description, the novel is a good read; the system, the environments, the fights, the monsters are all very detailed, as if it was a breathing world. And don't worry about getting bored, the novel constantly introduces lots of new stuffs, ranging from people, threats from the environments and monster to discoveries, explortations, adventures or just downright monsters' ass kicking. <<less
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New Archive rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c84
I really, really wanted to like this novel.  However, either the author or the translator does not know how to properly describe things.  The mc has a huge sword (zhanmadao) which is a giant anti-Calvary sword.  It's seriously like 5 ft long, and constantly described as a knife or machete.  No, it's a sword, or even a blade, but definitely not a knife.  The MC has world breaking skills, with a much higher than average intelligence, but his actions do not show this at all, and so far he only reacts to... more>> every situation.  The MC is still chasing after the government to protect him, which, after all that has happened, I kinda expected the above average intelligence to kick in. <<less
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forseeti rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c50
Fun light read but is very similar to novels of the same kind. By that i mean normal world going bad fast and main hero gets special powers. What is interesting about this novel is that his special powers aren't op and dont make him superman fast. while mc plays main role i found background reactions of other people and whole country interesting. It have significant impact on mc as he doesn't seem to stay on his own. Best point was the way author put world in danger. I find... more>> it most believable of all other reasons i read in other novels and will be main reason i will continue to read this story.

Translation is very good and easy to read.


Mc gets a game cheat that other people dont which is like gemu screen. Special powers can be still achieved by other ppl by eating special monsters but they just cant see it as a game menu and dont get quests.on chapter 50 we learn evolved people can get special skills like invisibility.


Not much is explained why and how he got his powers. MC is quite popular with ladies which might be understandable as world it doing down the drain. Women are desperate and panicking but...


He sleeps with his roommate few days after her bf dies. While she seems mad at the start we can easy see later that she falls in love with him.....


Character development is 'interesting' and by that i mean i still have no idea what kind of the guy MC is. Might be good or bad for you but for me he jumps around to much. Fighting scenes are hard to find and when they appear they are brief and are overshadowed by a plot progression or some amazing discovery. aaand i think i wrote to much will update more after more chapters appear. <<less
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sodofo8564 rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c18
Realistic apocalypse novel. The MC with the leveling system.

The apocalypse in this novel wasn't built in just 1 day, it's been built for more than several months from forest to ocean to small animal to big animal to bird, etc. It required these cycles to build this apocalypse.

Until chapter 18, the story is quite well planned, the translation is also good. Except they skip the love scene in this chapter(18), I had to find the raw novel to read for my own appetite.

Acton, Game elements, Survival, Pre-apocalypse, Apocalypse, Post-apocalypse, Matute, Harem,... more>> Romance.

5/5 for now. <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c387
The story is not what I expected from an apocalypse with game elements novel(in a bad way).

We get an MC that is very human. He has defining good and bad points in both his personality and morality. However most of the important side characters in the story have equal depth and development like the MC, thus he has no unique points that seperate him from the masses other than the perks his game system brings and the system itself. This causes me as a reader to neither hate nor like... more>> the MC or even care about him.

The writing of the story is detailed and fresh for a while. The details for increasing word count is in the right places so reading them isn't excrutiating. But around 150 chapters into the story the writing turns into something close to a diary. The writing goes in detail about every single day with half of a chapter you would get a text wall about the food and how they cook or how it tastes, the other half you get a text wall with interaction between characters that has no story progression in mind and the things they do in camp. At this point, the story still has me hooked as parts of the character's adventure and survival still intrigue me.

When the story reached 300 chapters in the author started taking breaks often. I guess he/she has hit a wall in the story but this is where things really go downhill. The whole story from here feels like a diary with a discovery channel of the author's imagination as a plugin. A single animal or plant can be explored in depth for a whole chapter other things like the environment or basic necessities in survival are not spared from being written in excessive detail. In short every time the characters go out into the wild we get a diary of survival+discovery channel plugin that isn't interesting.

The only respite from this is the fact that the MC has progress with his strength but reading it as the biggest form of progression in the story gets old soon enough as it is always described in the same old fashion. At chapter 387 there are hints for a new plot progression but by this time I have given up on this novel.

3/5 stars, it was a nice read but flopped midway. <<less
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introparadox rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c79
I lost hope on finding a good novel, just where this super story popup from, there is really nothing to criticize, the MC is perfectly logical good character, without hypocrisy nor exaggeration, he kills when he should kill, he step when he get aroused, while he hesitate or step back when he should do so, the story progress is going very smoothly, the new world building is still in progress as the evolution is also in progress, and humans fighting back trying to prevent the collapse of civilization and order,... more>> while the MC is reacting smart to the changes trying to adapt and understand what's happening not seizing to enhance himself, while not being blinded by his power witch brought out a lot of practical action all along the way never letting me lose immersion. the side character are also very human like even though they didn't play an important roll yet, but some are already started to do so, as the MC stuck with them and started to open up revealing some of the secrets that he know. this i would have said it's a masterpiece if it wasn't early for me to judge based on 60c, but my anticipation is high as the author is very realistic, and the plot was well rounded off until now. and i forget the translation is so good and so fast, and i hope it to continue so but anyway thank you author and translators for this great novel.

Just read this novel, if you get disappointed i will pay your time back if we ever get to meet hahaha, anyway it's really good <<less
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Ignus rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c30
Good story premise with poor execution.

I enjoy a survival/world evolution apocalypse as much as the next guy, or gal. But when scenes jump from one location to the next, and even time is not clearly defined well, it becomes obvious that the author doesn't have a full plot planned out except for the next woman the MC will sleep with.
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Alexander12 rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c38
After reading the novel for a while i will have to say its a decent novel

The mc while not being too smart is still fairly smart or at least above average

As other have pointed out the setting is also very realistic

The world build is good

And the side characters are also ok not to trouble some or annoying

... more>>

The mc has a decent ability to level up which seems unique only to him other characters get stronger by evolving by eating raw monster meat at the moment they eat monster rat and insect meat , etc  , the mc while strong is not too op either just strong enough to cope with his opponents .The world setting is also good as the Apocalypse takes a while to start unlike other novels the characters are well fleshed out


It also has a good translation speed <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c84
I like this MC, he is human. Ironically, the 3 stars (instead of 5) is the reason for that.

What do I mean? well look, we have a person who is emotionally a normal person.. he is not apathetic, he will help people if he can (like anyone would) but at the same time, he is not powerful enough to be a savior so he will push people away. He is smart too, at least twice as intelligent as a normal person.

Alright, that is the run down of the MC. He... more>> is described as a good person right? well, he indirectly allows the deaths of MILLIONS of people (well, they haven't died yet in the novel, but nothing can seemingly save them). He allows this, because his personal freedom of movement is more important than they are.

How does he 'allow' for all those deaths? well heres the thing, and it is even ACKNOWLEDGED by the MC in the novel. He has many skills thanks to his RPG-like power (he is the only person so far with the power of 'levels'), out of his many powers he has a skill called 'Synthesis' - this skill allows him to combined things to make them stronger. For example, his sword was upgraded with the shell of a monster beetle and his snake-skin armor was too. It also works on bullets, so even though he hasn't done it - it should work on things like missiles.

The 'catch' with this skill is: HE CAN SEEMINGLY USE IT INFINITELY

The ONLY limitation of this skill, so far, is his own ability to gather material and it can fail (failure has only been shown a couple times, and he's used the skill dozens of times). So, hypothetically, he could be sitting down making bullets/armor/cold weapons/boots for the military, which has been actively fighting a losing battle for the entire novel, all day (unlike in other novels, the military doesn't just dissolve into shit instantly, they have faults but them and the police have been fighting back the monsters/trees CONSTANTLY while providing food to the survivors).

The monsters in the MC's RPG system, are colored like White-Light Blue-Blue-Dark Blue-etc, the MC's upgraded weapons (INCLUDING BULLETS) can be upgraded to the corresponding color grade, where they then have the power to kill those monsters. For example, his sword is Dark Blue and it can 'effortlessly' cut through Light Blue monsters. In chapter 79 he upgrades the bullets to a Desert Eagle revolver and commented it could bring 4th-tier monsters down (4th tier=dark blue, they can literally destroy cities and it takes fighter jets to put them down) and he DID kill a 3rd tier bird monster with it, 1 shot to the brain..

I know it would not be a fun novel if the MC just worked in a sweat shop producing war supplies, but... look, any good person with that power in the situation would do it, and because he didn't do that, the military could not defend the main city in that province, which should result in the death of millions of survivors. The first city the MC was in had already fallen and he knew the monsters were getting stronger than modern weapons could handle (he makes the comment that another technology boom would be needed to continue the fight)... I wish the author never included that power, at least how it seemingly doesn't have limits other than possible failures (but even though it fails sometimes, he never gets tired from using it). <<less
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May 17, 2017
Status: c53
The story feels very much like a prequel to "Swallowed Star", only instead of Xianxia-style progression MC has a game-element system that gives him quests and XP for missions to improve himself, and others get a random chance to evolve.
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