Different World Dungeon Life


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A man on his way home from work, he is playing a tower defense game of his smartphone. Then he notices a small girl who is about to be hit by a car. He jumps out in an attempt to save her life.

“Stupid” is the last word he said before death.

Different World Dungeon Life average rating 2.8/5 - 110 user ratings
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06/22/17 Novel 44 v1c23 part2v1c23 part2
06/21/17 Novel 44 v1c23 part1v1c23 part1
06/08/17 Novel 44 v1c22v1c22
06/05/17 Novel 44 v1c21v1c21
05/25/17 Novel 44 v1c20v1c20
05/16/17 Novel 44 v1c19v1c19
05/12/17 Novel 44 v1c18v1c18
05/11/17 Novel 44 v1c17v1c17
05/10/17 Novel 44 v1c16v1c16
05/06/17 Novel 44 v1c15v1c15
05/03/17 Novel 44 v1c14v1c14
04/29/17 Novel 44 v1c13v1c13
04/28/17 Novel 44 v1c12v1c12
04/27/17 Novel 44 v1c11v1c11
04/26/17 Novel 44 v1c10v1c10
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Destrucfor rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: v1c10
Terrible story. It's like a dating sim game that skips plot development, character development and goes 5x speed through s*x scenes..

Thought this might be a good silly tensei story or something like the Re: stories when I saw this..

No. It's not. The most descriptive section of the entire novel is the prologue. Afterwards it's a train wreck of lackluster dialogue and a disconnected plot.

It has potential both as ideas and as a story. A mix of DHM and LDM. You can also see this story comparable to any dungeon defense... more>> novels with a large smutty MC. It's preferable to one which is impotent or dense as far as I'm concerned.

However poor writing, zero character development, huge backstories that come about instantly with magic amounts of generated favor for all these girls..  it's mind break without the conditioning.. or charm powers without the charm powers. Because spoiler there isn't anything like that being abused by the MC. <<less
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bladestorm91 rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c5
I'm interested in the story, but the translation leaves much to be desired in the first two chapters. In some places it's alright, but in others it's only slightly better than google translate, meaning you sometimes have to guess what the sentence actually meant in the original.

it gets a bit better afterwords so try to read to at least chapter 3 and then decide if this novel is for you or not.
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