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My name is Joo In-gong. The name that my parents gave me meant ‘protagonist’ of the world.

As anyone can predict, I was constantly teased due to my name. In kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. If I went to university as planned then I would probably be laughed at there as well.

So, at one point, I really hated my name.

But not anymore. Now, I think slightly differently. Maybe being named Joo In-gong was a type of foreshadowing?

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New clowred rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: c93
Not that bad and neither that good. I don't know if either decent or bearable would fit this story better as the general trait. Its the type of story where the author couldn't decide what kind of setting should the protagonist have before giving him the OP status. So he uses an extremely bland and idiotic one because its at least original. After that the story is quite interesting as it describes both internal affairs ( political conflict ) and external affairs ( war ). But the author couldn't understand... more>> how to develop the first one, so he scrapes it, leaving only the conflict between the protagonist and his nemesis as the political conflict, and making the external affairs, war, subjugation and research as the only means to met new characters and develop our protagonist power. Even so .. Once is nice, two is enough, three is boring and four is annoying. Like you have already guessed, the author uses the formula known as 'rinse and repeat'. So while the beginning of the story holds some potential, the author wants you to remain with the same feelings even though the story has to progress. In other words, the story has no substance, its weak and easy to forget about it as another lackluster work. At least I will praise it a as a good method to get rid of my boredom. <<less
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New pomoli rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c92
It was interesting and good in the beginning, but frankly boring and predicable after 60+ chapters.

I thought the mc would be clever and witty, but he's just knowledgeable about the game, and doesn't even seem to use that knowledge wisely. He's just getting really strong, with no effort or clever way to plan his future.
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Aoiishi rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c19
First of all, I don't know why people are constantly comparing it to Dungeon Defense. Other than the initial premise of the MC being sucked into the world of a video game and being a character other than the protagonist of the game, there is nothing similar to Dungeon Defense. There are many other novels with this premise. If you're coming into this novel expecting Dungeon Defense, you'll be sorely disappointed. Dungeon Defense is so great because of the MC as well as the amazing dialogue and character interactions. The... more>> setting is also interesting, but the characters make the story for Dungeon Defense. This is NOT the same for Breakers.

The novel itself is a good novel. As I said before, the MC is brought into the game world while doing a new virtual reality version of his favorite game. He's a minor character that's supposed to be really weak, but seeing as he's the MC, of course that doesn't last too long. As for the novel as it is now, he's trying to save himself from his incoming death from one of the main playable characters by gaining power for himself, both personal power and political power.

The problem is that the MC is not a smart guy. He's not an idiot, but he's certainly not smart. For example, he tends to ask one of his more trusted subordinates about information. While asking for historical information, relationship information, and such is fine, sometimes the MC asks things that are obvious that he could reason out himself, but doesn't. Instead he asks his subordinate and when the obvious answer comes out, he wonders to himself if his subordinate is a genius, which he is not.

Another problem with the MC is that it seems as if he just tends to not pay attention to things around himself because he gets wrapped up with his own thoughts. For example, an enemy appears in front of him. What is the normal response to this? It would be to tell your subordinates to attack. Instead, he thinks to himself and the next thing he knows, he's hit by magic and hurt. WTF did you think was gonna happen when you don't pay attention to enemies in front of you?

Despite all of this, the premise is interesting enough and it's early enough in the novel that I believe that it will only get better from here as they expand the world more. So far, we've only met three characters that seem to have any significance. I'm looking forward to seeing more, especially characters that are opposed to him. I hope that the MC gets better though as he's a bit of an idiot right now. <<less
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keklel rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c45
Updated review at chapter 45:

I kept plodding on hoping for an intelligent character to appear. After waiting for 45 chapters it seems like that's not going to happen, so I'm dropping this.

The story is very bland typical RPG-like going on missions, finding magical powers and so on. The random appearance of "Conquest" who's a woman who the MC knows nothing about does not help matters, in fact it only serves to make things more confusing.

The MC does not reflect on his situation. He reacts to events and that's... more>> it. The king summons him. Okay, go to the summon. The king gives him a mission. Okay, go do the mission. There is no agency involved. No reflecting on why the king might have sent him on the mission, what the mission might involve, what he should do about it etc. None. He's like a vegetable.

If you look carefully at the events that happen in the novel, other than the MC asking Cait or Felicia to cast their magics on him for him to learn magic there is nothing he does out of his own will. It's all just events that happen that he is forced to attend to. There is never a difficult decision that requires critical thinking.

He knows that there will be a great war later on and he has clearly spent much time thinking about it but has no plans or anything. He just thinks "oh, surely it would be nice to have Vandal and all the others on my side" and doesn't critically evaluate events with regards to his goal of not getting killed in a few years time. Things just happen without any kind of thought or reflection afterwards.

Conversations are inane and pointless and consist of greetings and partings and useless remarks like "wow prince did you just do that". No meaning is being exchanged nor are any meaningful thoughts described.

Old review at chapter 15:

So far, not quite as good as Dungeon Defense. The characters are a lot more naive and pure, as compared to the scheming and plotting types in DD. In particular, Carack, Caitlin, and Chris are really really naive and pure for some reason. I know they're 15 year olds but they are supposed to be royalty, geez. Well this is all from the MC's perspective, but these people are really simpleminded.

Maybe that's why they got wiped out so early in the original timeline.

We'll see if things get more interesting as the story progresses. So far the characters are likeable and the plot is moving along at a good pace. Nothing really grand seems to be planned from what I've read so far but hopefully it will get more interesting later on. MC so far is not manipulative but seems to be able to see people for what they are, so he's not quite on the same level as DD's MC but not a complete idiot either. <<less
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freezray rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c74
There's a reason I put 3 stars its not because the novel is supar or just alright. If I had written this on chapter 50 or 40 it would be a solid 5/5 and its completly able of getting back to that. Here's my reasoning though thus far the author is moving too fast. The MC is acquiring everything in just these few chapters.

I'll explain
... more>>

the MCs game like power allows him to acquire every skill that has been used on him. In the beginning this is fine as he's learning things like beginner sword techniques and healing magic. This very quickly transitions to acquiring SS Level techniques that are given to him. With as much reasoning as "he seems like a nice dude" keep in mind these are serious clan secrets that aren't suppose to be taught. These are given to him by people who were complete strangers to him just a few days ago. In actuality I was completly fine with this as just acquiring this skill didn't make him op since he still had to train in it. Its everything that happens after.

He acquires these conquest powers, Gauntlet that was made by a god like dragon an obviously OP item. Then he gets a piece of the heart of another godlike dragon which powers him up and gives him a whole bunch of levels(did I mention there were levels?). After that he goes into a battle that he get another power boost from. these latest chapters he meets someone who gives him a super awesome technique(again for "reasons") and he somehow combines this technique with another to create a technique even MORE powerful then the other two previous S rank techniques.

(made one edit and now it won't hide *sigh*)

Its things like that which make me wonder what the author is doing. Where is the story going if all of this happens now what more is there to the story. Don't get me wrong its a fun read its just currently I doesn't seem like the (for lack of a better phrase) doesn't know how he wants the story to go. He sets up all these events with no rhyme or reason for them happening. I could be wrong though maybe I don't see the whole picture. I hope so. <<less
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EcoJakk rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c11
MC goes to play a new virtual reality RPG and his soul is transported into the body of a secondary character.

He apparently has the ability to learn anything if he has been hit by it, at this point in time (c11) he has learnt an inborn ability, and an ability you would need to train for by getting hit once per power.

MC also has a mini-map and a status screen which the inhabitants of the world seem to lack (they need to use a special tool to check their level).
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Xravia rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: c10
The story follows our young Protagonist Protagonist as he is cast into a new virtual reality remake of his favorite game called RE:Knights saga. Which, like his name is pretty 'on the head' as far as naming is concerned. As he takes control of the weakest demon prince Shutra Ignus, Ninth child of the Demon King within Knights saga, attempting to change the destiny of his ill fated character by using his in game knowledge and traits of his character to become a Demon King!

The story so far is progressing... more>> quite smoothly, while the leveling system , to our knowledge basically means to practise or experience something to unlock it within the system. I can see potential for exploitation there but it seems that the mc knows how to level already so that's kind of a shame.

Yeah.. it's really just too early for a review but the premise of the current world is set up as entering your favorite game 1 year before the storyline starts in an open world as the weakest character/demon. Some may draw lines to dungeon defense but I'm guessing this will not be as dark or have as good dialogue and character interactions but i'd love to be proven wrong :D <<less
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Astari rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c52
I liked this novel, and probably gonna read futher. There is a good plot and world building, those are probably the best part of the novel. The characters are not so easy to care, because: the MC is dumb, like someone alredy said before, he doesn't try to think or analyze his skills, and every time it seems that he is gonna elaborate something it's interrupted by some random shit., and I really hate him. Side characters don't act like they should, like a spirit who behave like a child,... more>> actually, everybody seems to be little kids, with the cute, sincere and good person cliche.

Still, the novel is enjoayble. Don't expect smart dialogues, mind fuck plot, it's a novel with interesting world and ideas, but still somewhat predictable. <<less
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NaM rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c14
A more Battle (Fighting) Fantasy RPG version of Dungeon Defense..

Same with Dungeon Defense. Breakers' Protagonist "Joo In-gong (protagonist)" comes from our beloved planet earth, then due to some mysterious force (Plot armor!!) Was transported into a game. Playing a specific role while using his ingame (Cheat!!) abilities and game history (Cheat!!) knowledge to scre-err i mean to save and mix/integrate with the ingame characters and NPCs to survive and enjoy this whole new world...

Though its still pretty early for a review and considering that the Raw still only has 79... more>> chapters and still ongoing(things might change ya know) the story still is pretty likeable and a pretty much good recommendation for Rpg-fantasy esque novel lovers.. if you like to read dungeon defense (though they aint really the same level) this story is a good back to back story with that. So i recommend heh <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c60
Entertaining novel. Not very romance-focused so far. First few chapters are kind of dull but it gets interesting afterwards. There are a lot of different characters but it is not difficult to remember them all. The novel uses names often which is refreshing and helps with memorizing characters' names.

It's basically about a main character gaining power. An ordinary person transported into a game world with cheats basically.
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Trent rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c19
Captivating and easy to read. This isn't a particularly complex, well planned out, or emotionally poignant story. Read it when you want to experience a pleasant vacation instead of a difficult journey.

That said, if the protagonist picks up too many abilities, or his difficulties remain distant, the story will probably become less satisfying. It's rife with potential conflicts, but if everything continues to be sugarcoated, it'll be a cheerful but shallow novel.
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Iris Lazuli
Iris Lazuli rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c66
Although this novel is pretty similar to the settings of Dungeon Defense, they're very different at all 'cause on DD Dantalian from earth is already a genius and his views are different than normal ones compared to In-gong who's pretty normal from earth aside from his name "Protagonist" and only knowledgeable 'bout the game. Story wise I can't say anything that's unique 'bout because it's pretty much follow the usual transported/transmigration to another world with cheat and knowing something about that said world. But if you're gonna ask me on... more>> why do I like this novel? I'm gonna say that I like it because it's easy to read, the pace of novel is good like no sudden event jumping and also as of now there's no big cliffhanger at all ^^. <<less
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chencking rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c48
I'm giving a 5 for its potential. Entering a game world is by no means an original setting, but the MC enters as a character that did not truly have a role previously. On top of that, rather than having a background to lean on, he is stuck competing against the two heroes from the game.

With this setting, you can tell the MC cannot draw on his foreknowledge freely like other series do, but the author still mixes in little tidbits to keep the setting alive and bring focus to... more>> minor characters. The minor characters are developing, and they're not being thrown to the side for characters he has used in the game. All this would normally just be 4 stars for me, even if I'm being lenient and rating off potential, but the simple fact the MC does not walk around profiteering off of Earth technology is an automatic +1 for me. <<less
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SilverFeather rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: c12
A protagonist being transported to a game world isn't a new thing, nor him knowing tricks about the game world even less him having some wronged knowledge about the characters.

However that doesn't take much away from it, the fact that he appeared as the weakest brother of the future demon lord if the game followed the plot he knows looks fairly interesting, not to mention him viewing some characters in new lights, I am not sure if I could call the protagonist wise but that doesn't really matter because he... more>> has a skill that embodies plot armor as his job is protagonist, so he could probably manage to properly execute some batman like schemes without even trying <<less
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January 30, 2017
Status: c45

So far from what I have read I can say it is a nice story. Nothing too bad to say some people will complain about the MC but really I don't find me bad he is a nice guy. The combat scene are unfortunately lacking the skills explanation are also the weak point if you have a status window then you have skill stats with numbers. Stuff like Auras are barely explained but I blame the author NOT THE MC rofl. Seriously though it can be forgiven I... more>> mean you have other novels that dwell on it so much that you can find a balance with this novel somehow. Last point the world is fun, the environments looks nice and also fun then again maybe some dark moment will come later on but for now I like the lighthearted side of the novel. Read it and just enjoy it. <<less
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