Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari


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Tianne recently noticed that she got into a girl game she used to play in her previous life. However, the heroine has already made a reverse harem with her fiancee as the leader. Tianne didn’t feel anything looking at it because her past memory has eliminated her love for him. What she is more concerned of is the life as a noble. Then, she noticed. If this continues as it is, will she be able to return to the life as an ordinary person? So Tianne decided to take advantage of her memory of the storyline (Otome game) and behave appropriately like a bad guy. It was working wonderfully thanks to the reincarnated heroine. Meanwhile, Tianne is having an unbelievable dream. Moreover, this dream, apparently seems to be slightly different… Will Tianne successfully get her ordinary life?

Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari average rating 4/5 - 54 user ratings
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10/17/17 Okubyou Desu c5c5
10/12/17 Okubyou Desu c4c4
10/11/17 Okubyou Desu c3c3
10/08/17 Okubyou Desu c2c2
10/08/17 Okubyou Desu c1c1
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