A Different World Scenery View From the Tower


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Within the world’s largest MMORPG, Japanese player Takeru builds an original skill specialized in HP capture (life steal) and rise as a top ranker.

He challenged the long-awaited most difficult event “Tower in the Sky” but got transferred to another world halfway.

He then became the owner of the “Tower” with a pretty administrator.

While being forced into a situation where skills are unusable, he formed a party in the new world with new friends such as an elf and a fox-eared girl and charge to a different world battle.

A fast paced refreshing story that has a sense of playing RPG.

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower average rating 2.9/5 - 48 user ratings
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falloutexile3 rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: c6 part10
Initial review (up to c2 part2)

An interesting starting premise but poor execution. If the chapters were not released in such short fragments I might be able to keep interest. I'm dropping until either the "chapter parts" build up enough to binge on (4 minute reading time for each fragment? chapter 1 has 8 fragments? really?) or someone decides to translate a full chapter at a time. As for the content itself, so far all I've seen is action/reaction chapters without much character growth or meaningful conversations, but it's still... more>> early. It may just be the initial character introductions. Rated 2. 5 /5 thus far rounded up to 3/5. Will look at again later to re-review.


review as of c6 part10

Warning: this review gets lengthy fast due to sheer frustration of wasted time and loss of hope for the novel. I gave it a fair shot, but it reads like a pre-teen wish-fulfillment basic outline that hasn't even reached the quality level of a first-draft. The more I type, the more I find this to be a failure of a novel.

It has elements I usually enjoy, like character suddenly transported to another world of swords and magic and strong character (s) turning tables on opponents who thought they vastly outmatched them. However there are recurring issues that make this series suffer irreversible damage.

  1. The author has an outline of character goes here, does this, gets girl/prize, but the character lacks any substance to show motivation of why he does what he does; making him feel little more than an objective-driven robot, without a real purpose. i. e. getting stronger just for the sake of getting stronger.

    example: MC gets called to kingdom to receive reward, and it's bad to turn down the king's invitation. Okay, author is setting up a flag: MUST attend king's summons to show respect before the kingdom thereby starting to adapt to the power structure of the world. New harem gal gets introduced as an oracle working for church and government for years. Oracle gets imprisoned for not telling higher-ups the whole vision just once in her career without being given a chance to explain and automatically charged with treason... seems overboard for someone who has been serving the kingdom their entire life being charged by the person everyone in the church knows is a sleezebag... aaand, it's a pathetic damsel in distress setup...
    MC rescues the oracle at the request of another harem member in the making (a princess of course) and is given some gold as his main motivation to help with a side of "it's your fault she's in this position even though we're not sure how"... oh, and the king's summon announced to the whole kingdom as a reward that CAN NOT be refused? Eh, the princess will handle the explanation to the king

  2. Little to no human dialogue. This is one thing that could be easily improved by just simple banter or quick jabs to help establish some sort of character personality, but there is just... nothing. It could be a quick sigh, a laugh at an unexpected situation, a teasing reply, anger or confusion at an unprovoked attack. Nope, instead we get robot MC and company instead.
  3. Missing the journey in-between the plot objectives. Any Storyteller knows that the real story is not the destination, and how fast you get there, it's the journey TO get there.

    The City of Turku is good since it's a large town and it has an adventurer's guild branch.
    Eclair and Oldega are already members of the adventurer guild, so this time Takeru, Feene, and Leiria will register as adventurers.

    I took two days on foot and came to Turku city.

    Two days? That's all there was? No random encounters? No getting to know your new friends?

    No campfire stories, or problems setting up tents or what you ate or why you are on foot? Just two days of walking, sleeping, eating, and sh*tting along the (assumed) road in complete silence among teammates. Alrighty then.
  4. The fights devolve into a bad pok*mon game ripoff

    "Dark arrow"

    a guidable black magic arrow targets Leiria.

    Leiria defended against it using Aqua Wall.

    Vikbart increases the number of fire bullets he release and also added more magical power to each.

    Leilia also increases the number of water bullets accordingly.

    And dark arrow again.

  5. The lack of logic/follow-through. (This was the last straw that broke it for me)

    After rescuing the damsel oracle without a hiccup the team is followed and ambushed by assassins who moonlight as adventurers (as cover) while on their way back to their tower. Okay, I'll admit that is clever, use the adventurer guild as a cover to bounce between countries on assassin missions. Of course the assassins never saw the OP MC crew coming and got steamrolled, understandable. MC and friends incapacitate all of them without killing them due to OP statuses, fine. Now what are you going to do with them? You were just advised by a princess to stay out of the limelight and away from politics for your own sake AND the sake of the oracle you just saved, you get attacked by a group after a clean escape, beat them up, leave them alive after knocking them unconscious (because Japanese "no killing humans" morals have suddenly emerged in all characters) and then... what?

    Nothing is mentioned of the assassins after that. One would think that maybe an interrogation is in order, or hauling them to an adventurers guild for attacking fellow adventurers, or even something simple like being locked up in the tower or an execution to tie up possible loose ends but there is literally NOTHING mentioned as to their fate. All that can be assumed is that they were left alone to wake up and report their failure to their superiors... as well as the identities, incredible powers, and direction of travel of their targets... defeating the whole premise of staying out of the limelight/politics while protecting your ward; All without ever learning who attacked you or why. Do you think I'm blowing this out of proportion? Here's the actual fight ending:

    Gaine's head was strike in its crown while he's having a surprised face. Takeru controlled his sword to only beat him and the enemy fainted.

    Having defeated the national rank party "Grim Reaper" led by Gaine, Takeru's party hurried to the tower.

    A few chapter fragments later they are back to killing small fries, even setting them on fire because, why not? (humans, not demons or raging beasts or corpses, living HUMANS), yet mention defeating the bigger named enemies without actually killing them or clarifying what happens to them AGAIN other than "surrendered" or "passed out". Yeah, that makes sense, let's mercilessly slaughter the little nameless thieves and robbers because they are trash, but leave the gang leaders to do whatever they want after we beat them (and for whatever reason don't bother arresting, imprisoning or executing them). But whatever, I'm sure they all changed their ways after getting their @$$es handed to them, or took themselves to the nearest town to lock themselves up because that's what all criminals do when they're beaten and let go right? They don't go out and rape, enslave, murder, pillage, and burn ever again right? That'll never come back to bite you after announcing to them who you are and where you live.

    MC then goes about making his tower even bigger to the point that it becomes easily seen from outside the forest despite a heads-up from the tower interface beforehand saying "hey, everyone is gonna be able to see us" MC basically says "Eh, it was bound to happen eventually" completely ignoring the warnings he had already received and pushes on because that's all he knows to do. Make tower bigger, get stronger and repeat.

Overall: a simple "plot" with no depth: Hunt monsters, level up, find girl, bring girl to tower, list everyone's ever-growing OP stat sheet, get in occasional fight to awe others, rinse/repeat. That's it. No character development, no sense of struggle, not even a decent conversation.

Just a sad excuse of a story that will make you wish you had the time you wasted on this "story" back.

TL;DR? Don't even bother with this "novel". <<less
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Cenarous rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c5 part6
This story is ok. It certainly is not breaking new grounds though and I don't believe it will try to ever. Its greatest detriment is the short chapters. The short chapters lead to you not having to spend much time reading each one (bout 5 min.) but will lead to a lack of development as a whole due to not being able to cram as much detail in. This will also lead to some chapters feeling bland as it tries to put in such detail only to come out as... more>> a chapter where it spends the entire time describing something and not getting anything done. The best way to read it in my opinion would be to wait for about 10-20 chapters to come out and then read it as a set.

(the more I think about it the more it should be a 3 than a 4 star but it would be around there.) <<less
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