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pentadrian rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 11, 2017
Status: --
Utterly and thoroughly boring. Apparently MC is around 18-20 and his first thought of romance is to rape a girl. The novel is a long and painful work that exists to solely glorify the lead character. Women don't matter for anything except for sex. All older men who are in positions of authority are ought to rape and pillage and only the MC can stop them.

The novel itself is dry and repetitive, with the MC fighting different kinds of bugs, basically running a Pests R Us service in an... more>> apocalyptic city. Of course China is somehow leading the field in everything, as usual. The MC has no character. His pet octopus is a more interesting character. Rated Tentacle/10 <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Castle of Black Iron
February 6, 2017
Status: --
This novel is one of those that has a mediocre start, but manages to get into a good pace only to be ruined by the author peddling an agenda. At the face of it, this is a post apocalyptic steampunk novel, but it's not all science. There's some mysterious acupuncture point that can be unlocked to cultivate. And here's the biggest deal breaker - extreme patriotism.

While unlike certain other novels out there there's isn't much, if any, racism, the novel keeps praising China to the extent that you'd think it... more>> was sponsored by the PRC. According to the novel, the Chinese are at the forefront of technology, military strength, culture, world dominance, yelling " I your father"and pretty much everything else. It's fine for a while, be when you see this agenda being pushed over hundreds of chapters it will get on your nerves even if you're all for the PRC. Also the MC has no idea of a family unit and literally goes around spraying his seed all over the place, to any woman willing (and there are a few hundreds) <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
October 24, 2016
Status: c47
One dimensional characters, more plot holes than actual plot and an absolute lack of logic reign supreme. For some reason, our Mc, who was supposedly "left behind" for being a loner of epic proportions, suddenly is very noticeable after everyone comes back. But wait, our MC is not human. He's actually a robot desperately pretending to be one. All he does is follow the orders of his controllers, the angels, hunt and infinitum. All his dialogues have been him claiming how he is a korean version hikkiNEET and a... more>> few lines that might barely qualify as comedy with the angels.

Oh there's some combat somewhere, but who cares right? <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Galaxy Shattering Blade
February 16, 2017
Status: c233
The novel starts off great before quickly degenerating into a steaming pile of nationalism, blatant racism and supremacist rants that are there for no reason (they don't even advance the plot). And somehow there's something about ancient chinese civilizations, aliens, the great wall, hindu gods and greek heros....It's pretty confusing. This is neither sci-fi nor xianxia. What once seemed to be a successful marriage of the two is ultimately nothing but a broken mess that does neither of the genres justice
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