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josh1002 rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
Honestly a 4.5 (Rounded up to 5 cuz "mr. lyle~)

This is more a response of Lebrew's review though.

First off:
>I get it, the main character is supposed to be an anti-hero
What? Lyle is so far removed from the trope of being "anti-hero", I don't even know where to start with that. Hell, in the very beginning, we see Lyle cry his eyes out after his family disowns him and kicks him out of the house.

> If the author had just toned it down a slight bit
Toned down... more>> what!? In chapter 10, it's the first time Lyle and his party encounter monsters for crying out loud and he uses only 1 skill. He killed most of them but not all. I REALLY don't get what you're complaining about, and quite frankly all the things you've listed are just buzz words.

Real review though:
Lyle's people skill is shit. I'll say it plain as day. He's not a coward or anything, but in the 15 years of his life, the last 5 of those was spent into basically being hated by his whole house and even his parents. So from that angle, its understandable that Lyle's ability to communicate to other is understandable.

Also, the phenomenon "mr. lyle" balances this out. Where Lyle is afraid addressing the elephant in the room, "mr. lyle" doesn't care and does it with a huge smile on his face. It's actually a good character device as it balances out his character. As the story goes along, Lyle's character also begins to change and goes closer to "mr. lyle", though still with restraints.

Most of the other characters are also given a lot of air time, making the pace feel a bit slow. However, the character interactions should keep you well entertained as they are often quite funny. <<less
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Yato what are you doing here!?

Are you going to be a god of Calamity again!?!


... more>> The story is set up as a typical "Transported to another world" story with a twist. The MC starts of as a god!

Keika being a "failed" God in the modern world is no idiot so you won't see any "dense" with him or being a complete nincompoop!

However, as of Ch. 5, there might not be any intercourse with the MC and the heroines of the story as Virgin Females give him a + boost in stats, but who knows? Maybe he'll start having so many follower it won't matter and start making little demigod babies everywhere. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
September 11, 2016
Status: c20
If you squint, and skip PARAGRAPHS of useless text describing Heaven's gigantic posterior and Earth's shaggy testicles in miNUTE detail, you might see the story.

It has the problems of most Xianxia. Keeps info dumping where there shouldn't be one and repeating something endlessly until you want to puke blood.

Premise still seems interesting so I'm still willing to soldier on. However, I still pray to the translation gods that someone out there translate the story to make it more "western" friendly but still keep its original eastern vibe.

... more>> ---

As of 20 I'm dropping this. If you haven't, I suggest you reread what little you've read and see the glaring mistakes there is. It was starting to look up but then quickly came crashing down again.

Writing style just keeps getting worse. Info dumps keep popping out. The flow is not smooth. A "quick" action scene takes PARAGRAPHS and you'll feel too much time has passed from the "quick" action. Not to mention the endless repetition to "bloat" each chapter needlessly. Right there should tell you the author doesn't have an actual clue as to how to write a good, interesting, and lengthy novel.

Then the characters. Ugh.
Yes, the villains are as stupid and arrogant like all other Xianxia. Then let's get to the MCs master. At first, he tells MC not to harbor such intent to kill, but then allows another of his discipline to scheme to KILL the MC and put blame on the MC's friend. Such a blatant double standard just brought my reading to a complete halt.

After that, I'm looking at all the characters the author has written and I can safely say they're all terribly written. I'm willing to bet money the love interest of the MC will also come out to be terribly written and that's the main reason why I decided give this a try.

This just reads like some self inset story written like some fanfic!

F**k, I've read BETTER fanfiction than this!

Certainly not the worst I've read, but I'm most likely not touching the authors other works. <<less
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If you're focusing on the "Other Worldly Agent/Assassin" part for the MC, I suggest you stop reading.

The MC WAS one, but left that behind and became a teacher for YOUNGER Agents/Assassins.

So while you'll see the MC knows about the ways of the underworld and black market, don't expect him to make use of it all the time as he being reincarnated wants to do things righteously.

... more>> Characters:
The MC is great. 10/10 benevolent with tons of experience whether be it cooking, fighting, martial arts, etc.

The main selling point though, is that he is willing to teach others be OP so long as they are people of good character. This is what the story is all about. The MC touching people's hearts and have some of them follow him as his disciples and will go about on a journey.

The other characters are pretty great too and is given quite a lot of growth while they're with the MC. You'll soon find yourself endeared to their devotion of wanting to be better than who they are.

Not much at the moment. Currently, it's all more about the disciples growth, so no demon invasions or world ending catastrophe yet.

20/10 artist. The art style really great for the characters.

Should I expect lolis?
Nope. Sirius is a boob man. That is to say, a man after my own heart. A man I can really get behind. He's not a pervert, but knows when to appreciate such divine beauty.

Final score = 4.4
I gave it a 5 because some people write unjust reviews, crying out that Sirius isn't being "active" enough when:


He's been shown to kill anyone that recklessly tries to target him. If they try to hurt his disciples, God have mercy on their soul for their is nothing but death for them.


I will keep hammering this point. Sirius is not actively wanting to out attention on him as it could be dangerous. He's OP, but he can't fight an army and he has people he cares about and wouldn't put them in danger. He's quite satisfied being at the back and letting his disciples gain recognition. He'll gain recognition behind close doors with influential people, but don't expect everyone in the street to be praising his name and worshipping him. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
The Amber Sword
September 11, 2016
Status: v2c58
Brendel gar as f**k. Taking down skeletons and saving an entire town.

Overall score 4.5

Initially, you might think the MC will have to go through hell each time to even "win".

... more>> At the start he's very weak, but soon gets equipment to make him at the very least able to handle the situations without having to kill himself. He's not a cheat, so he's still gonna have a hard time fighting against big enemies.

The story is pretty great and is not tied down with all the glaring fault of other CN novels such as arrogant MCs and idiotic villains and women throwing themselves at him. Though it's pretty clear there are two main girls for him right now.

Honestly, the overall feel of this novel is a mash up of Chinese(Sect-like organizations), Japanese (game elements), and Western (lore) elements that just mixes all so well you can't help but love it.

The only real flaw I find which is pretty out of the left field is uh... the Inclusion of Magic:The Gathering.

No, I'm serious. It's been foreshadowed pretty early on, but the author decided to add Planeswalker and shit, which personally I don't mind since "Hail the King" incorporates Diablo in its story.

Also, I should note that the translator is.. um... Taking liberties with his translation and cutting out useless, repetitive text. Basically, it's not a direct translation, but I would personally say that I like this style WAAAAY better than every other CN novels. <<less
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Tales of Demons and Gods
September 7, 2016
Status: --
Terrific start.

But then it all kept going downhill once he got to the "City Lord's" mansion.

It's just... All the characters start turning into cookie cutter people EXCEPT for one girl. I forgot her name, but she fell in love with the MC pretty early on, and was willing to sacrifice a shit load of things and even turn her back on her family for the MC, but the MC is being retarded and kept pinning for the "main" girl that saved his life in his past life, but she's such... more>> a fucking terrible character that I can't see WHY you would choose her.

Oh life debt? The other girl saved the MC's life too at some point and he STILL pinning for the main girl. Fuck that. No, fuck you MC. I don't care if it's a harem. It tooj too LONG for you to even recognize the other girl.

Yes, my main complaint is the romance.

The great thing about this in the beginning was he was making his friends strong too.

But then the author completely chucked that out of the story and then just focused on making the MC op again and it just turns into endless MC dick wanking for his power level.

What I thought would be all about saving the city for the sake of noble things like love and friendship just turns into lust for "main" girl, endless power, and revenge against the guy that killed him in the first place.

Nah man, forget my friends and people who actually care about me! I just want to fuck girl Numéro Uno and beat the crap out of everyone else! <<less
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Finished V2 and raised the score to 3.5 rounded up to 4

MC grows half a pair, but is still mostly dicking around. However, things are starting to play in the background which should force his hand soon. Hopefully, the story and plot becomes more interesting and raise this LN to an actual 4 than a 3.5

Still, the first volume is slow world building and MC is quite a sissy.

... more>> He gets slightly better with V2 so hopefully by V3 he looks like the hardcore badass on the cover.

Angela best girl!


Just finished volume 1. As of now, it's so-so. I'm being harsh, but the story is carried only by the MC. Nothing else in the story makes it a "must read" as you'll read everything else in anoyher LN.

People are praising it for the MC because he does "reasonable things".

However, the MC, at times, lacks spine. Like he got a surprise quest from God, that would award him Skill Points if he healed people with all his strength? You know what he did? He pressed "NO", declining the quest and then proceeded to heal everyone he could anyway!

Anyway, perhaps later on the MC will grow some balls and actually want to go out hunting bigger monsters. He did help kill a dragon but that was because it was a surprise and he was more if tagalong. After killing the dragon, he resolved not to go on such dangerous quest.

It's reasonable, however, he got invited by a veteran party that has killed multiple dragons already and he just said no.

Fine, don't go look for danger, but at the very least don't do retarded shit like refusing skill points for something you're going to do anyway.

As of yet, I haven't seen character growth so that's also a negative since the MCs character is critical to the story.

As it is, I'm FORCING myself to go and read the next chapter but in all honesty, I'd drop this in favor of other LNs with better MCs. But hey! At least this is better than XiangXia MCs screaming uncle and fighting who has the bigger dick, so it's got that going for it, which is nice. <<less
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