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More than just smut. There is actually a not so bad plot forming up.

The MC is ruthless in combat and can be considered approaching OP. His abilities are all restricted in some way and he cannot use magic, but he makes up for this with strong combat abilities and accompanying tools (smoke screen plus binding wire trap so far).
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MC's strength is that of an average human. By using magic, the MC can, for a short time, increase the strength of parts of his body to that of an above average human. Author cuts off ability for MC to increase internal strength from the start.

The hook that is supposed to draw us to the MC is his usage of guns in an era of might and magic. Unfortunately his is only average. He ends up making guns for all of his companions (as far as I have read),... more>> and in each case his companions end up utilizing the weapons as well as the MC or better. Now considering that these companions also have their own personal abilities that leave the MC in the dust before even adding firearms into the mix; why should I be endeared to this type of low potential character laacking in strength character?

He isn't really that smart or wise. He isn't amazingly brave or charismatic. He lets others lead him around on a regular basis. His companions eclipse him even in his own battle specialization... but he can make guns and come up with winning strategies from time to time...

Boring. Frustrating. Underpowered and underwhelming. A side character to his own side characters.

I really had hopes for this WN during the first arc, but considering the MC has already reached his growth potential already, why should I continue reading? <<less
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faerro rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
May 11, 2016
Status: c100
I stuck with it until chapter 10, but I am going to drop this one unfortunately.

Given the writing style it feels to me that the author is a bit on the young side… perhaps high school age. The story concept is good, but I find myself suspending my disbelief frequently enough that it is getting on my nerves.

Edit: I picked this back up out of boredom and I have to say that after hanging in past chapter 20 or so the writing quality improves enough that I will continue to... more>> subscribe to this WN. I still largely stand by my origInal post though. The world building in the beginning is pretty terrible. <<less
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faerro rated it
Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (LN)
October 28, 2016
Status: v2c1 part5
Pretty good so far. The translator is from Japan and is clearly translating in english as a second language, but even so the quality is still good enough to read.

The MC is OP, but not infallible. Both he and his partner have almost died once and while we still see him exhibit some typical Japanese weak willed MC characteristics, he is still smart enough to seperate from trash characters while seeking companions that will help him climb to the top. He also does not shy away from fights or constantly... more>> cry and whine thanks to the faithful 'Confusion' stat, which can be compared to the 'Gamer's Mind' stat in "The Gamer" webcomic.

All things considered, I will continue to read this novel. <<less
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faerro rated it
Perfect World
July 27, 2016
Status: --
Those of you that are dropping this series early I really feel bad for you. The battles in this series are some of the most epic blood pumping scenes of any xianxia that I have read, and I have read ALOT. The world building is epic and immersive, yet does not cross the line into excessive(borring). The main character is funny and interesting, unlike so many flat and generic MCs out there.

I only wish the TL speed would pick up a bit, but aside from that the TL and editing... more>> quality is excellent. <<less
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