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asdf123 rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
December 22, 2016
Status: v5c27
tl;dr solid story so far, rational and scheming mc, definitely worth reading since the translator is on track to release 75+ chapters this month. The turning point on whether this will continue to be a good story should be once he gets a few more army ranks (3 books max).

This story starts somewhat slow which probably caused people to lose interest when comparing it to TI which starts so well.

The systems are clearly different. Where TI focuses on survival/death games, TUE seems to be about making an army in... more>> a nightmare world(working together instead of killing each other). My main problem with TI was the fights between groups because it was so forced that it became convoluted. The interactions with other parties have been far less constrained so far which makes it harder to predict where the story is going to go.

I thought a magic world would be retarded since the mc can't use magic but it was just as satisfying as the previous world.

The MC seems like a real person which is fairly rare in these stories. <<less
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asdf123 rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 17, 2017
Status: c19
Summoning is a turnoff for me but the octopus is funny. I like how it feels more real and dark. As long as characters keep dropping like flies and he picks up a second class since he already knows how to summon it should be pretty decent. Definitely worth reading.

The translation speed could kill this story but hopefully all of these patreons will inspire more translators to be more active.
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