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Emperor of The Cosmos
September 7, 2016
Status: c38
If you liked Romance of Dragons and snakes, you'll probably hate this. It has all the typical webnovel tropes, from being a power fantasy, to snobs with the unfair advantage of being rich being beaten up by the protagonist with the more unfair advantage of being the protagonist of a wish fulfillment fantasy, to having the typical character one may expect in a wish fulfillment fantasy despite supposedly developing the soul, which one would imagine should involve character development.
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aattss rated it
Paradise of Demons and Gods
January 10, 2017
Status: c129
Interesting. A protagonist who doesn't give a shit about immortality and won't be stumbling into a harem.

As a side thing, one thing I find interesting is that you don't know which characters are going to grow to respect the MC, and which are going to go drop him like a hot potato when trouble comes.

Edit: Also, I guess I like how, even though he is incapable of feeling love, he's developed a sense of morality beyond "Geez, the world's a shitty place, with all this strong people oppressing the weak... more>> thing. What, why are you looking at me like that? It's not like I can help people with my Super Emperor level 9 cultivation level. You know what they say about rape and murder. Out of sight, out of mind." <<less
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aattss rated it
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
December 31, 2016
Status: v7c2
Has its upsides. Battles are based on strategy more than power levels. There's various different ideas in here. But there's also flaws.

Firstly, I had a complaint with Dragon Ball Z. It started by showing us how insignificant everything was, that the world's mightiest warriors were no more than cannon fodder in the vastness of space. We were also soon introduced Frieza, a monster who, even in his weakest form, was several times more powerful than the Ginyu force, who left the proud Vegeta trembling in fear. And in the same... more>> arc the puny earthlings first broaden their horizons to this massive new world, they beat the strongest guy there.

Point being, don't start introducing someone called the Ultimate Magical Girl and then worf her off the same arc. Sure, it's one thing to say that even the most powerful magical girl could die from being stabbed in the back, but it was also emphasized that Mao Pam was considered the strongest in terms of actual ability rather than some arbitrary measure of firepower, and that she herself saw smarts as being more important than power. Having the most accomplished magical girl dying on the same day she's introduced makes it feel like things like skill and experience are random and fickle at the whims of the author.

I also feel like negative plot armor is just as contrived as normal plot armor. It's like, there's a difference between an RPG where even the most skilled players will lose someone, and an RPG that rolls a d20 every turn to see whether or not someone dies. It's like if you took a random anime and had half the characters die from getting run over by a truck. I've seen other series where character deaths were heartwrenching, rather than making me feel like someone tripped and accidentally impaled herself on an umbrella... again. And it would be one thing if the novels wanted to be realistic, but rather it feels like instead of giving the protagonists plot armor, they give the villains plot armor. Why couldn't Mao Pam kill her opponent when Pukin was killing people left and right despite missing half a face? Did the author write a scene and then go "Huh. Too many people not dying. Maybe I could contrive a way to give Pukin a massive power boost?" And Frederica being able to use Pukin's special ability. I believe the proper term for that is an "ass pull." <<less
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