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Silveus rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
December 31, 2016
Status: c110
This started off pretty poorly, got better, but not good enough.

The story actually is well written and interesting, but it just suffers from several problems.

I have 3 complaints.

... more>> 1st The plot progresses shockingly slowly, massive amounts of information is info dumped on the reader, and is done so in one of the worst ways.

At one point, a petty antagonist character, who has been annoying since they were introduced, wrongs the MC. As readers, we are all like, "Yes, go curb stomp that moron."

so the Mc storms off to go do just that, and then on the way, the author decided to just stop the action and write paragraphs about metallurgy from the past. Even better, after explaining thes ancient super metals that make the best weapons ever, the auther then goes. "But they don't exist anymore."

If they don't exist, why tell me about them?

The random placement of the info dump just kills the momentum of that scene.

2nd .The first 50 some chapters, (I forget the exact amount) Are dedicated to the life he MC lives. He reincarnated from modern china into this fantasy world. Of course, being from the real world, he brought ULTRA detailed information about his family's ancient KI techniques.

Guys, Ki Techniques aren't real. You can't be from the real world, and have ki techniques. That's not how reality works.

Okay, moving on from that.

We learn all about his friends, his history, both from before he transfered over, and after. We also learn about his host's history.

This is done through those info dumps i mentioned.

Oh, btw, a solid group of chapters early on are dedicated to a flashback about his girlfriend from this world. She's catastrophically awful btw.

Anyway, the scenario is set, we have an idea of what the MC is, after 50 some chapters. He's an instructor in an academy in the biggest city in the world, he's a highly skilled duelist, since he's got those crazy Haxxors ki skills.

And then he just leaves.

He goes off to reclaim his family lands.

Yup, everything from the first 50 or so chapters, only served to be an info dump, everything else was pointless.

3rd. Before i say this one, i want to point something out. Despite my complaints, this is a well written, serious story. It's not a standard Beta male with his harem of idiots who fawn over him for no reason. He doesn't have a cheat skill, yeah, his ki crap makes him strong, but he also trained it for 10 years.

I don't hate those Beta Male stories where girls just randomly fall head over heals in love with the useless MC. But you need to know you are getting into one of them. And Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is not one of them. Characters behave logically, or at least, emotionally in ways that make sense.

Okay, so...


in chapter 96(I think) he just rapes his maid. Some people are going to say it wasn't a true rape (whatever that means) or that she knew what she was getting into, being the maid of a noble. But you know what? he still raped her.

It came out of nowhere.

It wasn't in line with his character.

It served no purpose.

It was pointless.

He just casually raped his terrified maid, who was in love with his brother, who died because of him. She was still mourning his brother's death.

This wasn't a deal breaker for me though, i mean, i've read worse things. But it was so out of character and random, that it made me concerned for where the story was going. We're quickly going into brainless harem territory.

Luckily, she didn't fall head over heals with him after he raped her, in fact, she still shivers in fear when she sees him. Its strange that i find that as an improvement.

Then, 10 chapters later, one of his underlings is laughing at him (in good nature) and he want's her to stop, so he steps up, grabs her, and kisses her.

She freaks out after he starts using tongue, and pushes him away. Then she tells him, she maid a vow to a god that she'd dedicate her life to being a scholar and never get married or have relations with a man.

She's a nun.

ONE chapter later, he's constantly perusing her.

Her vow to a god, doesn't matter to our MC.

And of course, she's teetering on the edge.

I know in a few chapters, she's going to realize that her vow to a god, her stronge desire to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a renowned scholar, are going to mean nothing in face of the MC's GODLY physique. She's going to fall for him, and he's going to end up with a harem of brain dead idiots.

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Its so strange to me that there is an entire Genre of stories that are, Girl is in some way a compentent person on earth, then dies and takes over the body of someone who's retarded in random China Fantasy World X.

Some of them are good, some not so much. this is one that isn't great.

I have 2 main issues with this.

The first is that everyone, EVERYONE, has zero self awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone irrationally assumes they're the greatest thing ever. Even people who specifically know... more>> they're weaker than the guy in the room with them, who know their position is weaker, will still act like they're god. And everyone will Irrationally hate the main character.

The MC, before being possess, was a random girl born to the family's mistress, and who has no talent for magic. So, she's basically an average person.

Obviously, her entire family hates her with an overwhelming passion, they can't stand her existence. Okay, granted, perhaps she's an embarrassment to the family, 4-5 kids are talented, then there's the MC. But why do other, non related people, all hate her too? It makes no sense.

Every character is so stuck up, so self important, and so incredibly incompetent, that the idea that this character who wasn't talented and who isn't killing herself when they cross paths, makes them explode with rage.

Okay, so everyone hates her for her lack of talent, but then as she becomes talented, they still hate her. And, better yet, they refuse to believe she has talent.

Pro tip people, when someone offers you a bet for a billion dollars that is based largely on luck, don't accept it, they're cheating.

Every person just self destructs against her through massive levels of stupidity.

The worst part about this, is that this makes up almost the entire plot. We go from arc to arc of someone looking down on her, exploding into irrational rage, and then walking into an obvious trap. The payout for the reader, would be the satisfaction of watching them crash and burn, but even that fails to be entertaining.

Because the entire scenario is so outrageously stupid, that it looks like a farce.
Because it happens hundreds of times.
Because there is 30 chapters spent explaining how irrationally stupid the enemy character is, and then 2-3 chapters of fallout before we rush right back into it.

God it's bad.

Okay, and reason 2.

The male lead, is devilishly handsome, with jade like skin, shimmering eyes, the complexion of a god, silky smooth hair, and more. Okay, a character needs to be described.

The first time they show up, or when their appearance changed.

this guy gets described every 5 chapters. And for chapters that are a page long, when you use 3 paragraphs to talk about his cheek bones, it gets old fast. <<less
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Release that Witch
December 12, 2016
Status: c174
This is not the best written piece of litature i've ever read. It's not even the best translated web or light novel i've ever read.

The characters are not the most vibrant characters i've ever seen.

The plot isn't the most interesting.

... more>> The antagonists aren't the most interesting.

The world and setting aren't the best either.

And yet, it's by far one of my favorite stories, i look forward to this way more than i do anything else on my reading list.

And i have no idea why.

No individual part stands out as absurdly good, but they all come together almost perfectly, to make just an absolutely enjoyable read. <<less
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Silveus rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
December 12, 2016
Status: --
It started out really good, at least plot wise. It had some issues, and some of those issues might be from the translators, but it was a really enjoyable read at the start.

Then... it kinda went downhill.

The plot got overly convoluted, requiring massive explanations, and they didn't come off well. Again, this might be an issue with the translation. But chapters shouldn't be devoted to explaining some kind of hyper-complicated explanation for why person ABC can do XYZ.

The other issue i had, was power levels increased WAY too rapidly later... more>> on. we went, 5 to 10, to 17, to 25, to 35, to 50, to 100, to 5.34 x 10^49

The levels of relative strength increased so much, that making a comparison between two people was impossible and pointless.

If one dude is a champion fighter, and the other is the strongest knight who bare handedly fights trolls, i can wrap my head around how strong these people are. If you tell me one of them punches time, and the other eats black holes, i have no idea anymore. Worse, everyone increases in power by orders of magnitude in short periods of time, making any guess at who's stronger pointless within chapters. <<less
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