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Rosver rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
December 1, 2016
Status: c410
This was fun at the beginning but become rather tedious and nasty as it continues.

The most atrocious element of this story is the protagonist. He is just a really horrible person, but, the story supports him. It is a form of plot armor, so to speak. He constantly attack other people and the story just justifies it. He s*xually assaults women (yes he does) and the story makes it out as if it was OK. There is one in the earlier chapters where he is given the power to... more>> give others misfortune and thus they get hurt, embarrassed, electrocuted, injured, etc. And the story says it is all alright. Well, it might be "alright" but it would not make the protagonist likeable.

The other characters are almost just as bad. They are all very flat. The good characters like his relatives are mostly annoying and the bad characters (villains) are morons.

The plot is really very repetitive and somewhat weak. Some moronic character appears and causes conflict in someway (usually by belittling him) then he slap their faces by producing the works from his world and presenting it as his. Then he receives praises and acclaim. This formula is then repeated over and over and over.

The worst part of the plot is, because he is just plagiarizing the works, you can't really contribute the success and praises to him. He doesn't deserve the praises he received. You can only attribute the praises to the work themselves and the original creators, not to the protagonist himself. This is not good considering that our protagonist isn't that likeable in the first place. At least we could like the protagonist for his great talents, but we can't.

Another problematic issue with the plot is the lack of tension. The story is setup so that he can not fail. He can undo time, become invisible, get ridiculous amount of luck, get skills without effort and so on. He can practically do anything.

And of course there is the goal, the reason why our protagonist is doing all of this. He wants to become famous. I don't need to tell you how shallow that is. A goal like that just can't carry a story very far and it shows.

The only element that drives this story is humor and they aren't the high quality kind. There is also a lack of variety to the humor which is mainly of over the top reactions and schadenfreude. Oftentimes the humor can be very dumb. I even believe that the Tom and Jerry cartoons has more variety in its humor than this. Its humor can quickly become tiring after being repeated far too often.

The story also depends on its humor solely for its driving power. I mean, if you read this, you will not be reading it for its characters, or for adventure, or for thought provoking commentary, etc. You will read it for the laughs. But then, the humor is mostly cheap and dumb, which makes the whole story, that only have humor its driving factor, rather cheap and dumb too.

I give a one and a half star mainly because it can still be entertaining in its dumbness and shallowness. Though, it might soon get tiresome as it doesn't really have anything to offer.

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Rosver rated it
Miracle Drawing!
December 15, 2016
Status: c2
I really dislike the protagonist. Whiny, uncreative, unimaginative. He whines and whines and whines... That was just wow. He is incredibly annoying.

The first chapter have our protagonist in a a museum that he has visited many times, tens of hundreds of times. He only paid a cent and all he did was complain that the artworks are not fresh or new. He have seen all of them before. There are paintings by Goya to Rembrandt, works from various era and culture... 'it was all predictable, boring and not new'... more>> he thought. All I can think was "My God! How despicable you are. "

And in there we have this:

"He believed manhwas, animations, game illustrations, and vintage artworks were all pieces of art, but the society around him didn’t think the same. " - *Expletives* Did he really ask the society? Did he asks everyone if these are pieces of art and he got no as answers? Or did he expect that he can make a manhwa drawing and sell it for millions of dollars like some Leonardo's masterpiece?

"‘Dammit. What’s so wrong about drawing whatever you want when you want to?’" - Nothing. What is wrong is that you expect everyone to like whatever you draw.

"But even he knew the truth. Drawings drawn like that weren’t worth much. Jinho sighed once again as he counted the dates. " - sh*t! You where just sketching. Sketches always never worth much. And what had he drawn by the way:

" At first Jinho drew the outline of the statue in front of him, and then drew on top armors and weapons from his mind, creating a peculiar drawing. " - What? I try to imagine it and it turns out awful. It is not difficult why other people don't like your work. You just have a bad sense of aesthetics.

Then in chapter 2, he passed out drunk and the painting he was working on magically finished itself. And the description was:

"The brushstrokes were highly precise and clean. If he were to judge it would be one of the highest grade he had ever seen.

It was as if France’s Monet has came back to life to borrow his hand, and coated the hues onto the canvas. "

-Are you for real? Monet has brushstrokes that are highly precise and clean? Are you talking about Monet or a robot?

And 'highest grade' nonsense are you talking about? Are you really able to judge the quality of the brushstrokes? If those brushstrokes are the highest grade you have ever seen, then those brushstrokes are even better that Goya's and Rembrandt's? Better than those masterpieces in the museum? - Loads and loads of crap!!!

And in the previous chapter you are complaining that those masterworks are predictable and boring, then now you used those same masterpieces to exalt your own work? Uh! The gall of the writer...

I was expecting a story that would present to us the world of art. Its history, its culture, its diversity. To appreciate Art and its importance to our lives.

Instead, we are told that the masterpieces and art from various cultures are predictable and boring. Such disrespect!

Meanwhile, the protagonist's lame sketches is presented as something that needs more praise and should have been more expensive. How narcissistic!

I have never come upon a story that brings out in me such anger and hatred. This fiction defiles history and prehistory to feed its massive ego, self-importance and narcissism.

There is wish-fulfillment, but this story went far beyond that. This deserves to be erased from existence!

And I hate the translator for making me experience such a vile abomination. I rather watch Food Fight! and Where The Dead Go To Die than read this excrement.

And author you can't write sh*t. How can you expose the world to such shameful and atrocious writing. You have no shame! <<less
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Rosver rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
December 2, 2016
Status: c65
An inconsistent story that lacks direction, populated with characters that are barely interesting, and filled with forgettable adventures. It just makes lots of noise that just becomes wearisome the further it goes.

An abundance of plot holes and unexplained materials, combined with randomness of events makes for a story that lacks momentum. You can't feel that something big is in the horizon that the story is heading to but instead we got these random unconnected shenanigans that doesn't really pay off. Most just doesn't make sense nor do they provide... more>> developments to the story or character. Things just happen without any reason.

The characters have some interesting qualities, but they also contains qualities that ruins them. The protagonist for example. He is said to be very strong, reads all the books in the world, learns variety of languages, learns a lot of skill and even got help from angels. But he is also very dumb with very shallow aspirations and pretty much only interested on his own well being. The characters just doesn't have much to offer to the story.

And the setting is really inconsistent and underutilized. Adventure is out there, but our protagonist lock himself in his workshop. Really? There are monsters to face, powerful people to meet, crisis to solve but out protagonist is occupied with his hobbies?

And when the protagonist do comes out looking for adventures, random stuff would appear. So random in fact that the angels, that must be totally bored being stuck with him, has to constantly explain whatever the heck they are encountering now. Every time our protagonist walks out, the angels will spout exposition for anything to make any form of sense. Without the exposition, the setting is more illogical and random than Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland.

This is just some incoherent random piece of work. The author might literally just be writing what comes to mind to come up with something as garbled as this.

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Rosver rated it
The Crimson Dragon
April 15, 2017
Status: c27
Alright, I have up to chapter 27 and it did become worse.

The MC is frustrating. Said the author: "A normal person. " No! He is a retard. I honestly could not see the protagonist as a normal person. Author, is this what a normal person is to you? Or do you even know what a normal person is?

Then the author said: "He, however, did not inherit the brutal... nature of the Dragon tribe" and that is a lie. These later chapter clearly shows it. The author is dishonest... or... more>> the author is also bad at making descriptions, take your pick. Whatever it is, what you got is different from what is advertised.

The other characters are no better. They are one dimensional and dull cliche's. There is barely any effort to develop and flesh them out.

In the first dozen of chapter or so, we really got no plot. Nothing of importance happens. We all just read about the protagonist eating and growing up.

Then, it seems that the author realizes the apparent lack of narrative stakes and plot, so the author added one. And, God! It was botched up. The protagonist becomes even more retarded and easily manipulated. He killed intelligent creatures... just to look cool, I guess. The plot is incoherent and very anticlimactic. And, strangely, with a plot, it becomes more tedious to read. No wonder the story lacks any plot at the beginning, the author is just awful with plots. A twelve year old could do better.

And the storytelling, it was bad when nothing actually happens, but now that something important does happens, it seems that author's abilities are strained to the breaking point. It is atrocious. There is no flow. The prose is a joke. The humor is distracting and unfunny. The POV is broken. The attention keeps shifting from one character to another. The pacing is horrid. Descriptions are absent... And other elementary mistakes. Mistakes that any responsible authors knows how to avoid. How could something as badly written as this ever get published? Or maybe, the atrocious writing is the translator's fault. Whatever is the case, the writing is one of the worst I ever seen.

This story is just awful. Everything is just done wrong. Is this some self-published title? Did the book goes through a screening process? Is this the first draft?

I kid you not. This story is as bad as those terrible fan fictions that float in the internet. It even has the feel of one. Terribly written characters, absence of description, terrible prose, garbled plot, messy POV, OP protagonist, etc. Nothing is done right. It is nothing but an embarrassment. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
December 1, 2016
Status: c91
There are the words "Tale" and "Reincarnated" and "Lord" in the tittle. You would expect that this story would give your a great fast paced adventure of a character that would utilize his memories from previous life to shake the new world. Sorry, but no. It is the opposite.

Fast paced adventure it is not. For dozens of chapters, this story starts with what could essentially be called as backstories. It even has backstory of a backstory. It could easily lull you to sleep. Then the MC is called away,... more>> and all these backstories turn out to be pointless. Huh! Thanks for wasting my time, author.

Now. the protagonist. Tales? Reincarnated? Lord? Sounds exciting. Must have a great protagonist here... Not!

My biggest issue with the protagonist is that he doesn't really feel like a modern man. He is not modern in any sense. He morals, mindset, behavior, values... Everything about him is just the same as everyone around him. He is 'modern' in name only.

Now, this become quite a handicap. Without the contrast between him and others that should have existed, the protagonist is incredibly bland. When the protagonist is the same as everyone else, there is just no way he would stand out. But the, judging the MC by himself, he is still a bland character. He has nothing outstanding, unique or interesting at all. Anything that is from his 'modern man' aspect is wasted and doesn't have impact in the story while his other attributes are generic and is done far better in other reincarnated stories.

One thing for sure, you won't read this story for the "Reincarnated" aspect. The MC might as well be not reincarnated at all if the author is just going to waste it or sh*t on it.

And all other characters are just as dull. There are efforts to spice them but they are really just gimmicks and has nothing to do with the story or character. Any of these attempts will soon be forgotten.

And the setting... generic. Read any medieval fantasy based stories and you'll pretty much get it.

And the plot... 90 chapters in and I'm pretty much bored. I don't really know what the story is supposed to be. It takes too long to tell its story. First dozens of chapter was backstory and the next dozens of chapters was a dull trek home, and I lost my interest. I already read two books worth of boring and nothing happening, thank you.

This is one boring reincarnation story. The characters are bland, the MC is bland, the story takes too long to start and is instead filled with pointless things, and the pacing makes you fell into bored stupor in its utter slowness. It is one "Tale" that I don't have any interest in reading. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Masked Knight
March 9, 2017
Status: c26
It is awful. It is full of stupidity that it makes me wonder if the author is smoking drugs or something.

The MC is a retard. His actions are so dictated by idiocy that you wonder why he didn't die the moment he was born.

And the other characters aren't any better, they can be just as bad or worse than the MC. The only feeling I have for them is frustration and dismay. They make decisions that is so stupid and incomprehensible that they might as well be monkeys... more>> instead of humans. That way, their actions would make sense.

Maybe it is because of 'comedy' why these characters are brainless idiots, but, their stupidity isn't even funny.

And the story is retarded. The Plot just consist of the MC and other characters doing stupid things and making stupid decisions that results to stupid outcomes. I just can't understand what is happening! There is suspension of disbelief, but disbelief is the most appropriate reaction to this story. There is just no logic in it, or common sense.

The story is also very inconsistent with the details. They constantly contradict each other. The descriptions is very much useless.

Like, in chapter 3, the MC was in a horse shed. It was very dark and the MC is having a hard time seeing what is in front of him, but, he easily see the crossbeam which should have been in an even darker area of the shed when he got trapped. To top that, while he was hanging from the beam, he was able to see the face... and breast... of the girl bellow like it is was as bright as day. Was the girl glowing or something? What is it dark or it is bright?

Then, later, the girl shoots the MC with lightning bolts, our MC crashed into a wall and almost break it... but no one (like, the guards) noticed the commotion and the horses aren't affected or disturbed. I mean, hello, lightning, that is like bright and loud, then the MC slams onto the wall, that is also loud. It happen again later. The MC was kicked by a horse and crashed through the wall of the shed... and again, no one notices and the horses are undisturbed with all this loud noises and destruction. Is everyone deaf? Or is crashing through walls silent? Or the author just can't keep the details straight?

You also have to wonder why our MC doesn't suffer any serious injury after that. Hit multiple times by lightning bolts, slammed into the wall, kicked by a horse, crash trough the wall... and it seems all he get is bruises. He can probably hide in a refrigerator during a nuclear bomb explosion and he'll survive unscathed.

I just can't make sense of any of it. Does the author lacks experience with the real world? Is the author high on drugs? Or the author is five year old?

Nothing makes sense! The MC is stupid, the other characters are stupid, the plot is stupid, the setting is stupid. Everything in the story is unadulterated nonsense.

To appreciate this story, I believe that you really have to turn off your brain, or you have to be someone who appreciate nonsense for the sake of it. Anyone who is even slightly critical or can't just their brains for prolonged period would only be frustrated. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Dark King
February 12, 2017
Status: c401
The author's poor craft is finally catching up.

I initially give this a high rating for being somewhat enjoyable and for having a fast translator. However, like many novels, the quality of the story nosedived as it goes.

The biggest sin this story has is that it doesn't give any of its story arcs any form of satisfactory conclusion. It keeps starting various plot arcs and subplots then ditch it or sh*t on it. It even seems to forget previous events and goes into totally new direction like everything before... more>> this doesn't happen. For example, what happen to Splitty? Splitty was given so much hype. It even have a save-Splitty pseudo campaign. Where are all of it? GONE!!! This story is nothing but pure frustration. I keep going on hoping that it would finally give even a tiny bit of closure and release. Nope. It is sh*tty the whole way.

And the character... I barely remember most of them. They are so bland, flat and forgettable that even after reading hundreds of chapters, could not recall any them aside from vague impressions. The one I do remember, except the MC, I remembered because they so goddamn awful. I never want to see them ever again.

And finally, the poor storytelling and writing skills. It is just so bland and mechanical that I keep finding myself spacing out for the lack of stimulation.

I've read various manuals, from mobile phones to washing machines, which most find not worth reading, but they are more satisfying read than this! At least with those manuals, you'll learn various things about your devices, this story however is just leading you nowhere.

A total waste of time. 400+ chapters of nothing. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Black Card
September 15, 2017
Status: c22
Okay. It starts rather well then it failed to keep my attention.

I think I know the problem though. The premise is just not suited for a very prolonged story. Read the description... Does it sounds like something that could last for 1100+ chapters?... No!

The best form for the premise is a short story or at most a novelette. It is a perfect premise for a sort fiction.

Or if the author wants to stretch it really long, then it could work as an episodic story. A collection of stories... more>> of various people that are affected. Something like Hell Girl or Pet Shop of Horrors. With Hell Girl, the premise is about a website where you can access at midnight where you can use to send someone you hate to hell. Pet Shop of Horrors has this shop where you can buy exotic animals except that it comes with strict terms that results to serious consequences if broken. The premises are similarly suited for short burst.

Also like Hell Girl and Pet Shop of Horrors (both of Horror genre), Black Card premise is really suited for Horror, and this is where this story fails terribly. It is Horror material right there! It instead opt to be Slice-of-Life and Comedy and destroying any tension and potential the premise has.

As a Comedy, its humor is really weak. NU doesn't recognize it as Comedy, but seeing how often the story tries hard to be funny, it should be one... Just that, it is not funny at all. The author just can't do comedy.

As for the Slice-of-Life it focuses on the MC using the expensive products he buy and the lifestyle he now had. It is easy to see how repetitive and boring it is. Not to mention how it conflicts with the nature of the premise. Any slice-of-life moments this story have is redundant because they don't connect to the plot and conflict. They are just become fillers to stretch out the plot. And the worst thing is, the story focus on this. He buys something, and a chapter or two is devoted for that. He buys another thing and another chapter is devoted to this new thing. And so on. It is just boring.

The author could have opt for Horror-Comedy as all the ingredients are already there. Instead, the story is forced into an incompatible genre where it just becomes boring, pointless and repetitive.

At least, I didn't find this story insulting or infuriating so far. It is just really really poorly executed. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Gourmet Food Supplier
March 4, 2017
Status: --
A very fun story to read. However the MC somewhat makes it a bit less interesting. The MC is just not the right kind of character to carry the premise. He has very little interest in cooking, he barely interacts with the costumers, he doesn't care much about his business and he doesn't do much anything interesting. This becomes very detrimental in chapters that focus on the MC. Those chapters are palatable at best, completely flavorless and bland at worst. He often comes off as an annoyance.

The most fun... more>> you get here comes from the costumers. They are varied, colorful and interesting characters that just brings in the fun. The chapters that centers on those various costumers is where the story the shines the most. However, even then, there is this unfortunate fly on this heavenly fried egg rice, the MC often disrupts the experience with his nasty appeal. I virtually erase his interruptions in my mind.

The concept is really good and you can see it, especially when the story focus on the costumers and their various reactions, but the MC somewhat tarnishes the overall experience. I suggest that you skip the chapters where the MC is the focus for a more wholesome experience.

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Rosver rated it
Skeleton Knight, in Another World
December 4, 2016
Status: v4c4
Not good enough. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to do and keeps meandering.

The story's best aspect would have to be the storytelling. The writer is really good in immersing you in the story's world, character and events. The elements are well balanced to give you that immersive experience.

The setting is another of the story's strong point. There are magic, magical creatures, various settlements, etc. There are a lot of fantastical elements and the story is quite successful in letting you experience it. We travel from... more>> place to place and get close to with the fantastical world.

Still it has major flaws that really dims your enjoyment. One thing that you would notice after reading further in is that it has a serious case of sagging-middle syndrome. Sagging middle is the condition where the middle part of the story lost its way and doesn't carry the momentum of the beginning part. A common symptom is when the story wanders around and doesn't seem to know where it would go. Events happens with little relationship from each other. At worst, the story becomes episodic. The only thing that connects the events together are the characters.

Another issue I have is the story often inserts humor to the detriment of the story. A huge part of a chapter or a whole chapter would be devoted to slapstick and comedic situations. That is alright I guess, but I'm not really into that kind of humor. I don't really find them that funny.

There is also the rather lackluster characters. They are not that flat or boring. It just that, there could have been more. They could have been more complex, more varied, more substantial. So far they are okay. Not great, not good; just okay.

It could have been done better. You can't help but wish for it to have something more. Some more character depth, more action scenes, more coherence, etc. Doesn't contain much of anything to be a satisfying read.

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Rosver rated it
Coder Lee Yongho
December 6, 2016
Status: c103
I started okay, then just become so boring.

I've studied Computer Science and has experience, so that cheat debugger is very interesting for me. And it was very great at first as he explores the power of the debugger.

Then he decided to stop using it because it is stunting his development as a programmer. I go... WHAT?

It's a debugger! How is something like that be stunting you! Are you really going to find all those bugs from a program with millions of lines by yourself?... Why are these supposedly... more>> "smart" protagonist so prone to making extremely stupid decisions.

And now you are getting bored to death as the impossibility of the task of debugging the software manually become apparent. We are given details of Lee working out his problems without the help of his cheat. Then what the heck is the cheat for? The author might just as well write about a normal person if the cheat isn't going to be utilized anyway.

Then we are bombarded with technical details of computer programming... If you are not versed with computer programming and computer science, you'll be bored by the details. If you do know these things, you'll be bored because the story is just wasting your time.

And the characters are so damned boring. Lee Yongho, you are the most boring protagonist I've ever meet. The other characters are boring as well. And the worst part? The story decides to focus on them. For character development or some sh*t. That would have been great, if the characters aren't hellishly boring!

This is an epitome of boring novels. It just becomes more and more dreary as it goes on. My head has gone numb from reading all of it. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Game Market 1983
May 29, 2017
Status: --
It starts okay, then it just becomes really slow and boring.

The story starts by focusing on the video game elements and the video game market. The protagonist makes games and deals with the market.

Then, the tone and story suddenly shifts. It is not about video games and the market. It is about romance and bromance and daily life. The story now is about walking and eating and talking and chatting and other mundane things.

Eh? What happened?

The characters are rather bland. Many are based on real people, but... more>> they don't really have the personality of the real person they are supposed to be, nor do they feel like real person. The character are the most common stereotypes and cliches.

The blandness of the characters are especially apparent in the meandering slice-of-life story the story has become. We are bombarded by their cliche interactions, and dull and uninspired dialogue.

The worst thing is, the story is supposed to be about video gaming in the era of retro gaming, but it was thrown out to tell about the snooze-inducing life of the numerous bland characters.

A story that starts okay, then meanders pointlessly around throwing away it premise and populating the story with dull uninteresting characters.

If you love retro games, read the first 2 or 3 dozen chapters, then stop. If you like slice-of-life stories look for another story to read cause this one sucks at it.

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Rosver rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
April 8, 2017
Status: c64
It is bland.

It started okay if albeit nonsensical and slow. The MC is still rather interesting in all that. Sure, not the greatest MC ever, but still entertaining enough to keep me interested.

Then the other characters started to creep in.

The slow story become even slower and the focus starts to stray. We don't get much of the MC anymore, instead we got these other characters. At least with the MC, I am still entertained; these other characters however is the very definition of boring. They just have... more>> nothing at all that is interesting. They do nothing interesting. Their reactions aren't entertaining. Their personality is meh. And their side of the story offer nothing truly important for the need for their own POV. I'm not really sure why the author is focusing on them when they are boring as heck.

A slow story that is getting slower, translation that is becoming slow too, the ever increasing number of bland characters, and other issues like lack of logic and sub par writing. The Lazy Swordmaster is a story that just becomes more and more uninteresting the further you go.

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Rosver rated it
Dragon Maken War
August 30, 2017
Status: --
This story is really annoying. Almost everything it did is annoying.

Characters talk too much. Like, they are about to be hit by a powerful attack but somehow is able to vomit a paragraph worth of monoloogue.

And the main character is all about being "cool" and "awesome" instead of being a character. His character and personality is just so unrelatable with his constant pretentious display of "coolness, " and he becomes really annoying really quick.

And the other characters are mostly there as audience to the MC's awesomeness, even... more>> the villains.

And the plot is just scenes after scenes of the MC showing off his awesomeness.

This is just a really shallow story. It is all flash without substance. Still, I could see this attracting a certain kind of demographic and this is mostly aimed at them. Otherwise, it has very little to offer in terms of story and artistry.

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Rosver rated it
Green Skin
July 25, 2017
Status: --
It starts interesting when it is building the setup, but it becomes dull afterwards.

The characters here are really bland, generic, cliche, or just not fleshed out. There are times when the characters' backstories are well established, like with the MC, but they end up barely portraying any personality. The side characters are just given one defining trait, and that is much it. The story does try to remedy the problem of its weak cast by constantly introducing new characters to keep everything from becoming too stale. One thing for... more>> sure, you don't come into the story for the incredible characters because there is nothing much about them.

The plot is... decent, I guess. It feels like an amalgamation of various ideas from other novels of its type. Revenge, reincarnation, game-elements, etc. It has all been done before, and this novel doesn't really do anything different or anything outstanding. Also, the story easily breaks apart under scrutiny because it has lots of plot elements that isn't explained or it has plot developments that are just forced. In the end, it really adequate for any readers that just needs some mindless action and undemanding entertainment. The plot is of an easy popcorn variety that is most likely to satisfy the undemanding readers.

And there is the writing. It is also decent too I guess. Nothing really bad, but there is nothing good about it either. The prose is really simplistic and mundane, without any sense of artistry. This might be more of the fault of the translator, but it remains as that, a pedestrian writing that doesn't provide anything to enhance the reading experience.

Overall, the story is just mediocre. An okay read to pass time but it has nothing that makes it stand out. It is a by the numbers novel that will satisfy anyone that doesn't demand too much. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Human Emperor
August 10, 2017
Status: c172
The story for me is actually better than average. It has a constant tension throughout that keeps it intense. It does have issues like he just meets, obtain, or remember what he needs suddenly due to luck (deus ex machina), or the story would force him in a bad situation (diabolus ex machina). Still, it is way better than most.

The main character is well fleshed out and have a very pleasant and sympathetic personality, but the other characters doesn't receive much care. This novel is very strange in that... more>> aspect. It delves very deep into the details of the setting and the situation and the events, but it barely put effort into the characters that isn't the MC.

The main character himself, even though he is in a compelling situation that makes him very proactive and is pleasant enough, isn't very different from your typical Chinese protagonist in that he is very focused on acting on a goal. A single goal. Everything he do is for this goal. This really narrows the protagonist's actions and interactions like he don't take up a hobby, or just have fun or we don't see him interact much with his friends and family. He sometimes feels like a puppet that just works for his goal rather than an actual character.

If there is one thing this novel fails at badly, it is in the pacing. It is really slow. Really, really, slooooowwwww... This novel does almost everything to slow itself. It repeats, reiterate and state again every detail that could be repeated, reiterated and stated again. It looks over various details of the setting, the situation and the back-stories in excessive length. A single action (like walking up a set of stairs) could suddenly take several paragraph or take the whole chapter. It is terribly slow and is the biggest source of frustration in this novel.

So, a good enough story with under developed characters and an extremely slow pacing. It can be a very satisfying read if you can tolerate its pacing. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Hero
August 5, 2017
Status: v8c8
It has interesting ideas that it seem to copy from other works, but other than that, it is really poorly crafted.

What I disliked most of this novel is its crappy pacing. I can stand slow, but... goddamn! Only a totally incompetent writer would write a whole chapter that comprise only of a few seconds of time in an action filled moment. It has one of the most sh*tty paced fighting scenes I ever come across. Even slow paced stories sped up in fighting scenes. This one slow down even... more>> more!

Its terribly slow pacing is specially detrimental to this novel. It is supposed to be about a hero who fights evil alien monsters... and it is filled with passages about the character walking and talking and walking, even in fighting scenes it is filled with long passages of talking.

And the characters, they are really bland. The protagonist specially. They have like zero personality or worse, inconsistent. The author seems to give them this kind of personality one moment then erase that and put another personality later, as the story required. The story is clearly more focused on plot than characters. However...

The plot is terribly derivative. Think of any popular hero stories and you'll likely see parts of it copied here. However, it does things wrong. Instead of using and developing these ideas to create intense situations, the story instead uses them more as a background and do very little effect to the overall story. It is just a bunch of random things put in because it is standard in the genre. The protagonist fights the bad guys because every superhero stories do so.

This could probably worked in a more competent hands, but as is, this is a super hero story with its vital parts removed. Instead of intense fighting scenes, it drags. Instead of interesting characters, they are bland. Instead of using the ideas (it copied) to create interesting situations, it just waste them by doing nothing interesting with them.

It is just incredibly mediocre and forgettable superhero-story wannabe. The author tries to write a superhero novel but just doesn't understand why people read them or why they interest people so. <<less
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Rosver rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: --
In many aspects, the story is alright. The plot especially is full of tension. The characters are quite complex. The setting is vast and varied. However, the story has one issue that buries anything good it has. It tells instead of shows. This is especially apparent with the characters. We are constantly told of what they do, what they feel, what they experience and, even, what they are.

Without any effort in showing things, I, as a reader, feels detached from the story. There is no emotional connections with the... more>> characters. I'm not transported to the fictional world the characters are in. The events feels like thousand of miles away. I just can't get engaged in the story.

Show, don't tell is a writing advice the author desperately needs.

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Rosver rated it
Gourmet of Another World
April 11, 2017
Status: --
The setup is identical to Gourmet Food Supplier, just a different setting.

And like Gourmet Food Supplier, the enjoyment comes from the costumers; while the cook, the MC, is being a pest. Why do they keep making the MC unpleasant?

Again, another fairly fun premise ruined by a fairly awful MC.

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Rosver rated it
Dragon Order of Flame
June 27, 2017
Status: --
How... dull.

The main character is just so blah! I don't know what the author was thinking but it seems that the author is trying to write the most uninteresting MC ever. The mc's personality is so 'safe' and restricted. That is, the MC doesn't takes to exploring interesting options or unique thoughts. Everything he do is so routine. He do them because that was what he did before. And anything he did that is different, it would lack any imagination. The most boring MC ever!

And the pacing of the... more>> story is so slow! Really slow. For an action adventure story, a terribly slow pace is suicide.

And where is the action adventure anyway... at volume 2? Honest! The story for several chapter? parts? You could swear that you are reading a family drama than action adventure.

And as a family drama, it isn't that good at all. It is so contrived and cliche that you can't feel any drama at all. What the heck was the point of all this?

And the characters. There are few characters here being focused on and they are all bland and cliche. Think the MC is boring? Take at look at his father. He doesn't only make you feel bored, he makes you feel apathetic. You loose any semblance of care and interest in the story by his mere presence.

The mc's mother and brother is the impotent version of Cinderella's mother and stepsisters. At least, with Cinderella's version, they have character and flair. A classic rendition. Here, you got evil stepmother and evil stepsisters wannabe that present zero danger.

Really, what is the point of all these characters? Without them, the story could have proceed faster. Instead you are presented with a tedious family drama about characters that you just can't care about. Fail!

It is boring and forgettable. There are good qualities like the writing and descriptions but with a story so uninteresting and dull, terrible writing would have make it better. At least with terrible writing you can laugh and poke fun at it. With this... there is nothing. <<less
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