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Phantom-Z rated it
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
November 12, 2016
Status: c182
Honestly, this novel is far from being very good and can only be considered average-good, but one of its qualities is the fact than the human nature is more real-like than in a lot of novels. Also, the MC has most of the time a real goal to follow, thing that's lacking in too many novels. Also, even if some of the battles at the beginning are not really exceptionals, they grow slightly better with the time. The plot has some foreshadowing and is very satisfying on this point... more>> with a story neither too slow or too quick. One of the others good things here is thefact than none of the characters are too good and that even some of those close to the MC eventually dies later...

On the opposite, this novel also has many problems which make the story a little lacking sometimes, on of these problems is the racism present in the "Kou" Arc, but it is mostly a problem for people sensible to this type of topic...

If I say it like this, it's because Racism is a part of human Nature and is clearly depicted in this novel through the MC who goes in a country at war with his own, it's obvious than almost anyone in the same position as him would think the same things and react the same manner.
That's a part of the bad sides of humanity which is well shown in this novel I think, and it's not neccessary a bad point.

Finally, I don't know if the author wrote the novel with racists thoughts or made his character this way to bring the readers to react to it (I hope its the second). <<less
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