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Jaded rated it
Zhan Long
March 24, 2016
Status: --
Nothing much too say. Everything that I wanted to say has already been covered by the other reviews.

I enjoyed this novel for the first 350 or so chapters. It was repetitive but was still fun to read.

I started getting bored at that point, but seeing that it was one of the first novel's I've been reading, I forced my to get to read upto 490 or something. But the stupidity bugged me off a little too much.

I understand that a a game novel will naturally involve grinding and quests, hence... more>> the story will keep getting repeated, but does that mean they will repeat the same jokes again and again and again?!! The story keeps mentioning the female leads double D boobs, keeps repeating the same joke about how a certain character will be unable to get a girlfriend because of his ugly face and how OP the MC is. Every time the MC fights, his team mates will be like....Oh God!! His attack is so high. Blah blah.

The stupidity became even more later. The MC gets attacked by a rival guild while he and his team are doing a high tier quest. They manage to beat them back, but seeing that their enemy will definitely come back again, a suggestion to call the guild for reinforcements is made. But the MC is like No. We can handle it. And then he with a 10 man team annihilate more 10,000 players of the enemy guild, with brute force, no strategy.

Did I mention that the enemy guild is supposedly one of the top guilds? Yet they can't defeat even 10 players. Nonsense..... <<less
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Jaded rated it
I’m OP, but I Began an Inn
December 31, 2016
Status: idle talk 2
This novel is awful. The only thing I liked is the cover illustration.

Starts normally, an average guy gets reincarnated into another world as a peerless beauty who's OP. Kills a few lecherous bandits and goes to the city to start an inn. There, she finds out that you need to be a B class adventurer to start an inn, so a test for the adventurer has to be given.

And what happens after she finds out about this? A time skip. Next chapter, she has already started an inn which... more>> even the King visits. Dafuq?!! Details of her adventures? Difficulties when setting up an inn? People she met as an adventurer? NOTHING!! Author, you skipped like 2 volumes of material!!

I decided to ignore this and continue reading. I regret it doing so. So many faults. In one chapter, her inn is small and lacks soundproofing. She complains how she doesn't have the time to make a magic item to solve the sound proofing. And right in the next chapter, she cleans the inn with super sonic speed and explains that the inn won't get damaged even if she bangs into something while moving at that speed, because her inn is special, it's made of OP material and the inns value would be equal to a small country. If your inn is so amazing... why does it not have soundproofing?!! Also, you clean the inn using super sonic speed, but it takes one hour to clean it, not even including the rooms where guests are in? Wow. Is she cleaning the inn with a toothbrush?

Plenty of other faults lying all over as well. For example, the MC's stats make her the strongest person in that world. But she's only used her ability twice, both times to deal with people who wanted her body. Author doesn't have any other ideas? And I don't understand why the MC is so rigid. Forcing the customers who eat there to say Itadakismasu and Gochisousama before and after meals, and actually kicking out customers who forget to do so, including the King, but no one minds that...ugh. I can't read this anymore. <<less
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The novel itself isn’t that bad but…..the grammar is really bad. Not that bad that you can't understand the story, but bad enough to leave you with a headache. Going to wait for more chapters and will read then. Hopefully, will be edited by then.
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Jaded rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
July 14, 2016
Status: c2 part5
So good!!! Usually, reincarnation in fantasy world novels start with the MC as a young child/new born. They ALWAYS have cheats, sometimes unaware of what a cheat like existence they are. And they often come out with stuff they 'invented' using the knowledge from our world.

Completely different here though. The MC here though is already 40, no cheats. And he's no Hero, he's the villain! Calling him a villain is actually an exaggeration. He's more like the mob characters who MC's blow away at the beginning. He's the... more>> instructor in charge of rookies aka a petty official in his group(his words, not mine).

The novel is really funny, at least until now. An important thing for those putting of reading the novel cos of the low number of chapters. The TLer has mentioned that each chapter is actually an arc, and each part is basically a chapter. So yeah, the so called parts are pretty long. So don't miss out on this gem just cos you think there's too little to read. <<less
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All the reviews here have pretty much pointed all the main features and the good points in the novel, so I'll be the devil's advocate and point out what is NOT good about the story.

1. Character development: None of the characters really show any character development. Dale, the main male character for instance is said to have been a character who was once cold hearted and sullen. But he changes really quickly, so quickly that it's unnatural, unless of course you can believe that 'cuteness is justice' or something. Even... more>> the author feels the same, when he admits in one of his notes that Dale became 'dere' a little to quickly.

The demon girl who gets adopted does develop, from a girl who jsquiet, unconfident and adorable to someone who is eager, intelligent and adorable. She's adorable, right from the beginning to the end. So adorable, that she isn't particularly realistic. Lots of novels don't have realistic characters, but I usually like slice of life with some realistic characters. As for the other secondary characters, dont bother looking for development. All of them(barring a mob character who hates non human races in general and isn't even named) completely fall for the kid's adorabilty attack.

Plot: This isn't really a flaw, more like something thats normal for these sort of novels. There isn't any grand goal or purpose the story. One question that remains in the novel uptil now is the identity of Latina(the demon girl) and why was she abandoned. Hints are dropped about here and there, but it isn't particularly important to the story. I only recollect one crisis that took place in the novel, and it got resolved pretty quickly. So if you are looking for a story with action and drama, a story that makes you scream, " I want more!!", then this isn't really the right novel.

Inspite of this, i enjoy this novel a lot. While I wouldn't enjoy only reading this novel and no other, the novel provides a nice change of pace and is soothing. <<less
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Jaded rated it
God of Cooking
November 13, 2016
Status: c124
As the name suggests, this novel is about cooking. Have you ever watched a cooking show? This novel is about that show. But with a lot more drama and romance. And the MC isn't an ordinary chef. He's a guy who had once bent under the pressure of society and family, failed to become a decent chef because of that mistake, but has now been given a chance to go back in time to redo his life.

The MC's greatest ability is that he can see the quality of... more>> all food ingredients and dishes and how to make those dishes due to his 'cheat'. To put it simply, imagine that the MC has an invisible cooking recipe book that contains the knowledge of every recipe out there.

Of course, his ability to cook is even more important. Every cook out there knows how easy it is to mess up a dish, even though you are sure you followed all the steps listed in that cookbook.

While the novel is about cooking, the theme of a second chance is what appealed to me. Yeah, lots of Chinese novels have a similar theme. But the MC's over there aren't realistic, they never fail at their goals. This guy on the other hand is still human. He fails, he regrets, he agonises but in the end? He picks himself up and enters the battlefield known as the kitchen once again!!!

PS: I can't agree with one of the reviewers, who gave it a one star because the dishes are mainly Eastern(Korean, Chinese and Japanese)and Western(aka American and European). The novel is about a Korean chef. Who participates in in a US cooking show. Does a domestic show about cooking cover the food culture of every country? I think not. And the reviewers complaint does get resolved after the cooking show arc, which is about a 100-110 chapters. <<less
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Lovely Belle
March 27, 2017
Status: c9
In the description, the TLor said there isn't much plot.

He's LYING!!

There's plenty...of Plot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Basic storyline- young guy with strong libido has the hots for his neighbours wife. The wife loves sex but doesn't get much of it at home. So the our young Hero wields his powerful 'Sword' and conquers everything lol.

I feel a little sorry for the husband, but we all know the saying "All's fair in 'love'
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and war".
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Jaded rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
February 17, 2017
Status: c140
A novel that had a good start but went bad midway. The business management and romance tags are completely misleadingThe MC gains his abilities due to his desire to become rich, but after some chapters, he just becomes a guy who wants to become strong. And before you know it, he's the strongest. His level up speed is too fast and unrealistic. The MC was someone who would be considered a below average guy in the beginning, but he became one of the top existences in the probably a... more>> year? Even Xianxia MC's know for the fast growth cant compare to him.

The romance is awful. The main girl rarely shows up and seems more like the MC's cook/housekeeper. As for the other one...meh. She seems to have vanished and has no role to play anymore.

I'd give this novel 2 stars, but giving it three because of the good start and fast translation. <<less
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Jaded rated it
King of Gods
August 6, 2016
Status: c29
An average xianxia. You have the MC who's considered weak by others, a bitch who dumps he MC to pursue someone stronger and the MC getting something that turns him OP.

After that....fight someone who was stronger than you a few chapters ago and defeat him, train and become stronger and then again fight someone who was stronger than you a few chapters ago and defeat him.

If you are looking for something different, you won't want to read this novel. But if you enjoy reading xianxia in general, you'll... more>> probably have fun reading this novel. <<less
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Jaded rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c4
The novel is pretty interesting, but the editing.... It's not unreadable, but needs a lot of improvement.
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Jaded rated it
Peerless Martial God
November 10, 2015
Status: --
All the reviews tell you what kind of novel this is. The positive reviews praise the amount of action while negative reviews scream about the mindless killing and lack of character development. Let me divide the novel into steps so that you can see whats going to happen.

Step 1: MC weaker than others, trains and becomes OP.

Step 2: MC meets an arrogant guy who tries to kill the MC for a random reason(to steal the MCs stuff, love triangle, disagrees with the get the picture)

Step 3: Everyone... more>> thinks MC gonna die, but instead its the arrogant guy who dies in one hit. “Wow Lin Feng soooo strong!!!” Everyone worships Lin Feng.

Step 4: Oh no!! The arrogant guy had relations with asuper strong person/clan!!! The strong person wants to kill Lin Feng. Fortunately, Lin Feng manages to be safe.

Step 5: After some more training and killing our MC the Terminator is even more OP!!! He challenges and kills the strong guy in one hit. Unfortunately he made enemies with ANOTHER strong,arrogant guy, so time to kill again!!

Step 6: No one left to kill now. Time to go to another place as the current enemy is much too strong to fight. But…we can expect MC to return one day!!! Change location and repeat all the above steps again.

Those who praise the action and fighting and using the wrong word. It’s a one sided slaughter. The fighting involves 1-2 attacks from the enemy that doesn’t have any effect and then 1 attack from Lin Feng that ends up killing the opponent. Also, while there are plenty of arrogant woman who try to kill Lin Feng, he hasn’t killed any of them yet even after 170 chapters apart from one woman who can't be included as it happened in a past life. There seems to be a possibility of one getting killed though. Hopefully. <<less
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Jaded rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
November 29, 2015
Status: --
There isn’t any progress in the story. There’s no suspense or feeling of adventure/danger when the MC goes into dungeon. The fights are monotonous. There’s no thrill in the fighting. The only change in fight scenes would be the number of spells the MC needs to use to defeat monsters. The harem story is pretty boring as well. Not really interesting. I accidentally rated it 3 instead of 2. Wish we could change that.
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Jaded rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
November 10, 2015
Status: c1080
I really enjoyed this novel. Apart from Coiling Dragon and BTTH which were the first novels I read of this genre, ISSTH is the only other series I've read this long. After completing about 800-850 chapters though, I started losing interest in the novel. I began to be able to predict the plot. The story became monotonous and I no longer felt excited seeing a new chapter. But...because i was deeply attached to the novel, I continued reading it until now.

But I can no longer force myself into reading this... more>> story anymore. It has become too predictable. Men Hao's miserliness and bashful cons that I used to enjoy have now become stale and dry. RIP ISSTH. I no longer like you, but I can never forget you. It's like breaking up with your first girlfriend. Painful, difficult, unforgettable...but a relief. <<less
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Jaded rated it
The Portal of Wonderland
March 3, 2016
Status: --
A good novel. Read upto chapter 56. I won't say it's a unique novel completely different from others, but it's no too stereotypical either. Fairly engaging.

The interesting part that I find in this novel compared to the other novel is the path the MC takes. In most similar novels, the MC goes from trash to Super OP. In this novel though, the MC is considered extremely talented and the top fighter in his city for several chapters, and then it comes crashing down as they find that he has a... more>> horrible defect. Going to continue reading it for now.

Edit: Thumbs up to the editor of the novel. Originally there were quite a few grammatical errors, but thanks to the new editor, this problem has gone. <<less
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