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ClarkyDee rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 3, 2017
Status: c15
Lmao, I usually don't write reviews. I'm more of a review critic. But there was one review that gave out a 2 star on the basis of not being their "cup of tea". Of course, you'll give a bad score if the premise or genre of the novel isn't COMPATIBLE with your tastes. It's like showing a romance novel to a little boy. They'll hate it because they don't understand nor do they want to understand what's good about it, which makes their input on the matter irrelevant like your... more>> own. :D However, the most damaging part of it all is that you give a bad impression that'll dissuade potential readers from a good novel.

So far my rating would be a 4.5, but can't give it so might as well round up to compensate for that 2... lol

As far as I'm concerned, 15 chapters are not nearly enough to give a full review or even an in-depth look at how this novel will develop. However, so far the mc and story have been amazing and realistic. MC is ACTUALLY a cold, battle worn MC that has seen hell and kept it after coming back to the past with memories intact. You can't say that for many other MCs. I'm looking at you, harem building TDG MC. In this novel, the MC doesn't care about the heavenly beauties that the author smacks our faces with. To the MC, all he cares about is skill and if you can survive.

As for the story, again not much to go on seeing as there are only 15 chapters, but the story telling is nice. It doesn't have many repeating lines or glorifying paragraphs. I actually read the paragraphs in this novel instead of skipping those shameful paragraphs of praise you see so often in other xianxia novels to hype something up.

Characters. This is where it lacks, some of the characters are your usual randoms. But seeing as this is a survival novel, you have to keep your attachments to them to a minimal to avoid heartache. :') I just hope the author doesn't continue this trend later on in the story. As in giving randoms or supporting characters a meaning for the reader to feel attached to them so that their deaths actually do have an impact. <<less
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