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Group Name Wuxiaworld
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Series (38)
Releases 12031

Group News
(04-22-17) Chapter Delay
(04-14-17) EDs Quick Update

Group Releases
Date Title Release
04/29/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c715
04/29/17 True Martial World c976
04/29/17 Warlock of the Magus World c575
04/29/17 Martial World c854-855
04/29/17 Dragon Maken War c72
04/29/17 Douluo Dalu 2 – The Unrivaled Tang Sect v2c13 part2
04/29/17 Emperor’s Domination c576-577
04/29/17 Spirit Vessel c215
04/29/17 Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon c42
04/29/17 Warlock of the Magus World c574
04/29/17 Skyfire Avenue c468
04/29/17 Breakers c160
04/29/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c692
04/29/17 Martial God Asura c1604-1605
04/29/17 Ancient Godly Monarch c465
04/29/17 The Grandmaster Strategist v5c34
04/28/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1423
04/28/17 Absolute Choice c369
04/28/17 The Charm of Soul Pets v2c35
04/28/17 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality c338
04/28/17 The Desolate Era v26c27-29
04/28/17 I’m Really a Superstar c604
04/28/17 Warlock of the Magus World c573
04/28/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c690-691
04/28/17 Ancient Godly Monarch c464
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