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Date Title Release
03/22/17 Martial God Asura c1475-1477
03/22/17 Martial World c775
03/22/17 Emperor’s Domination c484-486
03/22/17 True Martial World c922
03/22/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1346
03/22/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c658
03/22/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c590
03/22/17 The Grandmaster Strategist v5c11
03/22/17 Absolute Choice c290
03/21/17 God of Crime c16
03/21/17 Breakers c117
03/21/17 Skyfire Avenue c440
03/21/17 Douluo Dalu 2 – The Unrivaled Tang Sect v1c5 part3
03/21/17 True Martial World c921
03/21/17 I’m Really a Superstar c560
03/21/17 Upgrade Specialist in Another World v2c173
03/21/17 Martial World c774
03/21/17 The Desolate Era v24c49
03/21/17 Martial God Asura c1472-1474
03/21/17 Ancient Godly Monarch c403
03/21/17 Ancient Strengthening Technique c589
03/21/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1345
03/21/17 A Will Eternal c45
03/21/17 Absolute Choice c289
03/21/17 Martial World c773
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