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Group Name Wuxiaworld
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
01/24/17 Absolute Choice c123
01/24/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1231
01/24/17 The Desolate Era v22c15-16
01/24/17 Emperor’s Domination c361
01/23/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1230
01/23/17 Martial God Asura c1286-1289
01/23/17 Absolute Choice c122
01/23/17 Emperor’s Domination c359-360
01/23/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c595
01/23/17 Upgrade Specialist in Another World v2c149
01/22/17 The Desolate Era v22c14
01/22/17 Tales of Demons and Gods c448
01/22/17 Absolute Choice c121
01/22/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1229
01/22/17 The Great Ruler c255-256
01/22/17 A Will Eternal c22
01/22/17 Martial God Asura c1282-1285
01/22/17 Absolute Choice c120
01/22/17 Wu Dong Qian Kun c594
01/22/17 I Shall Seal the Heavens c1228
01/22/17 Emperor’s Domination c358
01/22/17 Emperor’s Domination c357
01/22/17 A Will Eternal c21
01/21/17 The Desolate Era v22c13
01/21/17 A Will Eternal c20