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Group Releases
Date Title Release
10/17/17 Red Storm v2c1 part1
10/15/17 A Priest’s Legend v1c8
10/10/17 Red Storm v1c7 part5
10/08/17 Red Storm v1c7 part4
10/04/17 Red Storm v1c7 part3
10/01/17 Red Storm v1c7 part2
09/27/17 Red Storm v1c7 part1
09/25/17 Red Storm v1c6 part6
09/22/17 Red Storm v1c6 part5
09/20/17 Red Storm v1c6 part4
09/19/17 Red Storm v1c6 part3
09/15/17 Red Storm v1c6 part2
09/14/17 Red Storm v1c6 part1
09/11/17 A Priest’s Legend v1c4-5
09/10/17 Red Storm v1c5 part9
09/10/17 A Priest’s Legend v1c1-3
09/08/17 Red Storm v1c5 part8
09/07/17 The Killing of Three Thousand Crows c1
09/06/17 Red Storm v1c5 part7
09/04/17 Red Storm v1c5 part6
09/01/17 Red Storm v1c5 part5
08/30/17 Red Storm v1c5 part4
08/28/17 Red Storm v1c5 part3
08/28/17 Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts c7
08/27/17 Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts c6
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