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Date Title Release
10/14/17 Split Zone No.13 c49
10/14/17 Split Zone No.13 c48
10/14/17 Red Packet Server c297
10/14/17 Red Packet Server c296
10/14/17 Sovereign of the Three Realms c654
10/14/17 Poison Genius Consort c306
10/14/17 History’s Strongest Senior Brother c536
10/14/17 Doomed to be Cannon Fodder c192
10/14/17 Star Rank Hunter c197 part1
10/14/17 Divine Throne of Primordial Blood v2c63
10/14/17 This MC Is Kickass c68
10/14/17 Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao c80
10/14/17 Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator c65
10/13/17 Bone Painting Coroner c73
10/13/17 The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife c197
10/13/17 Red Packet Server c295
10/13/17 Red Packet Server c294
10/13/17 Poison Genius Consort c305
10/13/17 Sovereign of the Three Realms c653
10/13/17 History’s Strongest Senior Brother c535
10/13/17 Still, Wait For Me c120
10/13/17 My Wife is a Beautiful CEO c196 part2
10/13/17 The Sketch Artist c5
10/13/17 The Sketch Artist c4
10/13/17 The Sketch Artist c3
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