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(02-14-17) We are back!

Group Releases
Date Title Release
02/27/17 Hidden Marriage c83
02/27/17 Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort c99
02/27/17 The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus c118
02/27/17 Gourmet Food Supplier c34
02/27/17 Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a... c205-208
02/26/17 I’m Hui Tai Lang c31
02/26/17 Poison Genius Consort c78
02/26/17 Sovereign of the Three Realms c405
02/26/17 History’s Strongest Senior Brother c108-109
02/26/17 Great Demon King c265
02/26/17 Star Rank Hunter c84
02/26/17 Hidden Marriage c82
02/26/17 Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort c98
02/26/17 Pivot of the Sky c26 part1
02/26/17 Great Demon King c264
02/26/17 Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei c92
02/26/17 Gourmet Food Supplier c33
02/26/17 Sword Spirit c151
02/25/17 Poison Genius Consort c77
02/25/17 Star Rank Hunter c83
02/25/17 I’m Hui Tai Lang c30
02/25/17 Sovereign of the Three Realms c404
02/25/17 History’s Strongest Senior Brother c107
02/25/17 Hidden Marriage c81
02/25/17 Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort c97