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Group Name Radiant Translations
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Series (33)
Releases 1645

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
05/16/16 Heavenly Calamity v1c17
05/16/16 Zither Emperor v1c24
05/15/16 Child of Light v9c34
05/15/16 Lord Xue Ying v2c14
05/15/16 The Legend of the Dragon King c20
05/13/16 Child of Light v9c33
05/12/16 Magic Chef of Ice and Fire c14 part1
05/12/16 Zither Emperor v1c23
05/12/16 Child of Light v9c32
05/10/16 Tempest of the Stellar War v1c15
05/10/16 Child of Light v9c31
05/10/16 The Legend of the Dragon King c19
05/09/16 Dragon-Marked War God c83
05/09/16 Dragon-Marked War God c82
05/09/16 Zither Emperor v1c22
05/09/16 Lord Xue Ying v2c13
05/08/16 Zither Emperor v1c21
05/08/16 Dragon-Marked War God c81
05/08/16 Child of Light v9c30
05/07/16 Lord Xue Ying v2c12
05/07/16 Magic Chef of Ice and Fire c13 part3
05/07/16 Child of Light v9c29
05/06/16 Lord Xue Ying v2c12
05/06/16 Child of Light v9c28
05/05/16 Heavenly Calamity v1c16
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