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Group Name Qidian International
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
04/30/17 Transcending the Nine Heavens c328
04/30/17 Otherworldly Evil Monarch c245
04/30/17 Martial God Space c332
04/30/17 The Wizard World c45
04/30/17 The Wizard World c44
04/30/17 The King’s Avatar c616
04/30/17 God and Devil World c546
04/30/17 The Ultimate Evolution c375
04/30/17 Gourmet of Another World c24
04/30/17 Soaring the Heavens c89
04/30/17 Age of Cosmic Exploration c22
04/30/17 Trafford’s Trading Club c26
04/30/17 The Magus Era c367
04/30/17 The Magus Era c366
04/30/17 Counterfeit Hero c26
04/30/17 Immortal Mortal c40
04/30/17 Soaring of Galaxia c39
04/30/17 Plundering the Heavens c24
04/30/17 Painting of the Nine Immortals c21
04/30/17 Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 c21
04/30/17 Doomsday Wonderland c19
04/30/17 Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain c63
04/30/17 The Great Thief c69
04/30/17 The Sacred Ruins c46
04/30/17 The Wizard World c43
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