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Group Name Qidian International
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
03/23/17 Forty Millenniums of Cultivation c86
03/23/17 Castle of Black Iron c27
03/23/17 The Great Thief c31
03/23/17 Global Evolution c68
03/23/17 Galactic Dark Net c255
03/23/17 Dominating Sword Immortal c170
03/22/17 Commanding Wind and Cloud c20
03/22/17 Soaring of Galaxia c12
03/22/17 Immortal Mortal c13
03/22/17 Masked Knight c28
03/22/17 The Sacred Ruins c23
03/22/17 The Wizard World c23
03/22/17 Strongest Abandoned Son c35
03/22/17 Castle of Black Iron c26
03/22/17 The Great Thief c30
03/22/17 Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain c33
03/22/17 Realms In The Firmament c279
03/22/17 Gourmet Food Supplier c41
03/21/17 Soaring of Galaxia c11
03/21/17 Immortal Mortal c12
03/21/17 Commanding Wind and Cloud c19
03/21/17 Masked Knight c27
03/21/17 Forty Millenniums of Cultivation c85
03/21/17 Galactic Dark Net c254
03/21/17 Dominating Sword Immortal c169
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