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Group Name OOO Translations
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Series (4) God Rank Hero, Night Ranger, Noble Emblem, Privileged Player
Releases 62

Group News
(06-13-17) Patreon
(03-22-17) Updates

Group Releases
Date Title Release
09/20/17 God Rank Hero c35
09/20/17 Noble Emblem c17
09/13/17 Noble Emblem c16
09/13/17 God Rank Hero c34
09/06/17 Noble Emblem c15
09/06/17 God Rank Hero c33
08/30/17 God Rank Hero c32
08/30/17 Noble Emblem c14
08/23/17 Noble Emblem c13
08/23/17 God Rank Hero c31
08/17/17 Noble Emblem c12
08/16/17 Night Ranger v1c9
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c8
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c7
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c6
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c5
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c4
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c3
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c2
08/13/17 Night Ranger v1c1
08/13/17 God Rank Hero c30
08/07/17 God Rank Hero c29
07/31/17 God Rank Hero c28
07/25/17 God Rank Hero c27
07/19/17 God Rank Hero c26
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