Fleeting Phoenix Translations

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Group Name Fleeting Phoenix Translations
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Series (4) Assassin Farmer, Forbidden Love, Star Martial God Technique, The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss
Releases 28

Group News
(03-14-17) New Announcement
(01-26-17) Announcement

Group Releases
Date Title Release
03/24/17 Star Martial God Technique c4
03/14/17 Assassin Farmer c16
03/14/17 Assassin Farmer c15
03/14/17 Assassin Farmer c14
03/13/17 Assassin Farmer c13
03/13/17 Star Martial God Technique c3
03/10/17 Assassin Farmer c12
03/06/17 Star Martial God Technique c2
03/02/17 Assassin Farmer c11
03/02/17 Star Martial God Technique c1
02/15/17 Assassin Farmer c10
02/14/17 Assassin Farmer c9
01/26/17 Assassin Farmer c8
01/26/17 Assassin Farmer c7
01/23/17 Assassin Farmer c6
01/22/17 Forbidden Love c10 part2
01/11/17 The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss c1
01/11/17 Forbidden Love c10 part1
01/09/17 Forbidden Love c9
01/03/17 Assassin Farmer c5
12/27/16 Forbidden Love c8
11/24/16 Forbidden Love c7
09/23/16 Forbidden Love c6
09/05/16 Forbidden Love c5
08/23/16 Forbidden Love c4
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